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  1. Download Latest Official Version 1.3.3 http://www.strasoftware.com/download/tacview Don't forget to follow the development of new features on Twitter! What is Tacview? Have you ever wanted to understand what actually happened during your last flight? Tacview is a universal flight analysis tool which will enable you to easily record, analyze and understand any flights to improve your skills much faster than with conventional debriefings. Whether for the private pilot or the virtual squadron leader, Tacview is an invaluable tool to understand what really happened and to improve piloting style and tactical skills. With Tacview you can embrace the whole battlefield at once, draw advanced telemetry charts in one click, visualize RADAR locks, and export telemetry for deeper analysis in your favorite spreadsheet or export debriefing logs in CSV or XML file format to create statistics for your squadron. And don’t forget that Tacview is also working well with your other favorite flight simulators like Falcon 4.0, FSX, Prepar3D, EECH and also real-life recorded GPS files! Native Support for DCS World DCS World is supported by Tacview since Flaming Cliffs. From bombs to trucks, all moving objects are recorded. Cockpit information such as IAS and RADAR locks are available when you are flying some aircraft (this is a DCS limitation) if you are the proud owner of the Home or Professional edition of Tacview. Please note that static ground objects like buildings cannot be exported. I hope to be able to work around this limitation in the new exporter which is currently in development for Tacview 2.0. The LUA export script is automatically installed at the same time as Tacview. It will automatically record all flights in the \My Documents\Tacview\*.acmi.txt folder. You can change this folder by using the appropriate option in Tacview menus. If you are using the Steam version of DCS, remember to re-launch Steam to make sure the export parameters are properly re-send from Windows to Steam to DCS. If you fail to do so, the flight recordings may be saved in a backup folder such as C:\Windows\Temp\. Please remember that the top issue about flights not being recorded is coming from old DCS add-ons (typically cockpit add-ons) which are unstable or not properly uninstalled. Such scripts are generating LUA errors which are preventing Tacview export script from running. You can find the faulty scripts just by having a look at your dcs.log file… FAQ Q: Is it free? A: Yes, you can download and use Tacview as long as you want for free, without being bothered by ads or popups. After a trial period, if you wish to continue to use the most advanced features, you will have to either buy a Home or Professional license. A list of the advanced features here is available online. Q: Can I upgrade my Home Edition to the Professional Edition? At which cost? A: Of course you can! Just send me an email with a reference to your current license and I will send you back a link to buy the upgrade. It will cost you the difference of price plus unavoidable fee.
  2. Tacview

    Analyze any flight, understand, and improve your skills like never before! http://tacview.strasoftware.com/

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