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  1. Where did you get a campaign to fly over Cuba?? Is Tainted Cigar out?? :shock:
  2. Well, I just don't understand how to install. When I unzipped the files and put your "campaign 3" folder into my campaign folder, I have the "Blazing Sands II" campaign. I think that is yours. However, when I started the campaign, I get an F-100 as my plane. I thought it was an F4e campaign, which makes me think I've got it installed incorrectly.
  3. David, I don't know what "dueces terrain/campaign" you're referring to in the readme. Can you help me fiigure out how to install this one? I have the Deuces terrain (Euro 2) but there wasn't a campaign folder in the .zip file. Can you let me know please what I have to edit to install? Thanks.
  4. Okay, I just tried to play on HL, and was told that I couldn't play because I didn't have all of the a/c that the host had... Where do I get all these a/c? I see a lot of skins, but I'm not sure where to get the AC. I did find AC130. It looks like there was an 0-1 flyable, as well as tu22, skyraider, etc. in the a/c list. I'm kind of lost as to where to get these...I saw a download here for a skyraider update, but it said it was for MontyCZ's model...I didn't see that here...
  5. Okay...I have the A-1 up and running, as well as AC130. That is about it though....Anyone?? :?: By the way, going up agains a MIG armed with missiles in a Skyraider is, umm, not too fun. :shock:
  6. Is there a "padlock" incoming or "target incoming" view??

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