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  1. For realism, this little mod is a must. It's now possible to look at the map for navigation and still get surprised by a bandit.
  2. What anti-virus do you use?

    Hmm... I dunno buddy. Hearing somebody say he doesn't need an anti-virus because he has online experience, is like a guy saying he doesn't need to wear a condom cause he knows what to look for in a girl. With these things you can never be too sure or too careful. Viruses are not just in .exe files anymore, they are everywhere. From .pdf files to mp3's, so unless you plan on not clicking on anything, you're running a risk. The trade off of saving some system resource versus possible infection makes zero sense to me. But hey, it's your computer.
  3. What anti-virus do you use?

    Good luck with that...
  4. I just got WOI a few days ago. I'm not jumping on no SF2 bandwagon (whatever that means) anytime soon.
  5. Amazing video of new sim

    Hmm... Just the fact that this is on console, points to an action oriented sim. I'm sticking with my long lasting saying when it comes to consoles; No keyboard, no depth. Edit: not that there's anything wrong with an action sim. Sometimes they can be the most fun to play because the learning curve is so easy.
  6. Amazing video of new sim

    Great graphics don't make a great sim. I'll bet 1991's Falcon 3.0 has more features and is more realistic.
  7. Michael Jackson... Dead

    Billie Jean, one of the best songs ever.
  8. Michael Jackson... Dead

    For once, I agree with you.
  9. It's well known that Vista is crap for gamers. For that reason alone, (and there are a few others) I can safely say that Vista is not a good OS. Never was, never will be. Period. Win95, Win98, XP and now Win7 are all the OS anybody ever needed since 1995. Anything else in between was either superfluous or a waste of money. Unless one enjoys collecting OS's.
  10. Geee, look colum5! People are saying skip Vista and wait for Win7! Why does that ring a bell with me?
  11. Halberstadt CL.IV

    Looking good Laton!
  12. What does it feel like to be shot?

    That is some great piece of advice. Especially the avoid getting shot part.
  13. OT: Windows 7 RC1

    Yup, Win7 is turning out to be what Vista should've been in the first place. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  14. Are you a skeptic, what do you believe in?

    Welcome to combatace, we see dead people...

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