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  1. USS Midway Class 1985-1992

    Hello Wojtek, Love your awesome Mod hope to see many more, any chance of us getting a Forrestal Class (Saratoga 94) and/or maybe the (Kitty Hawk 07) Cheers Mate!
  2. Thanks for clearing up the missing Harpoon Launchers Silberpfeil :)
  3. Notice the CIWS located on back side of ship, there should be Harpoon launchers as well but this picture does not reflect it
  4. Wow! I get to be first! I can't Model but I do have some plans to share, hopefully someone can/will use them for Cold Waters
  5. I realize I'm new here, but I hope you will host a forum dedicated to Cold Waters, Cheers! :)
  6. Wish I could 3D Model, Luckily we have Samurai and other modelers :)
  7. Now here's a carrier for you, don't know if photos will be enough to model from :)
  8. Heres the Virginia Class Cruiser
  9. Well, now we samurai to model/share his ships for cold waters LOL :)
  10. for all you naval fans, check out this game (Cold Waters) On Steam https://steamcommunity.com/app/541210
  11. Well since there is no hope or an updated spruance class, i bring to you the USCG +

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