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  1. What exactly is listed in the TYPES.INI and TARGETS.INI files that you are using that you are expecting to see? It would also help if you would please attach some examples of the ship targets from those files that you are missing so that we may help you fix the issue.
  2. Try looking at the cockpit.ini file for the aircraft and change the Mirror node's type from "MIRROR" to "inactive" and see what happens. [Mirror]--------------------->[Mirror] Type=MIRROR---------->Type=inactive NodeName=Mirror--->NodeName=Mirror
  3. I thought people here might find this interesting.
  4. Inside the OPTIONSSCREEN.STR file are the entries listed below for use with the options menu and are present as text in the OptionsScreen.DLL file as well. As I recall only the first three were available in SF2 when it came out and at some point TK disabled the "In the air, near home base" option during one of the patches and I have no idea what data point you would have to edit in the DLL file to turn it back on. TXT_MENU_START_NEAR_TARGET TXT_MENU_START_AIR TXT_MENU_START_RUNWAY TXT_MENU_START_RAMP In the air, near target In the air, near home base On the ground, at home base On Ramp
  5. See the attachment for the manuals. F-102 Delta Dagger (Convair).7z
  6. I have these F-101 manuals and documents if you want them. F-101A Phase II Flight Evaluation (September, 1955) T.O. 1F-101(R)A-1 (15 December, 1958) T.O. 1F-101B-1 (15 July, 1963) T.O. 1-1c-1-11 (1 August, 1966, Changed 25 July, 1969) F/RF-101 Flight Crew Air Refuling Proceduers with KC-97L, KC-135 Supplement XI T.O. 1F-101(R)G-1 (1 March, 1971; Change 1, 15 June, 1971)
  7. I pulled this from the SF2 GroundObject.DLL file. However I do not know if it is active, some stuff listed in the DLL files is disabled but balloons could be a possibility in SF2. (GroundObjectRole) TANK TROOP APC RECON ARTILLERY TRANSPORT LIGHT_AAA MOBILE_AAA STATIC_AAA MOBILE_SAM STATIC_SAM EW_RADAR SAM_RADAR COMMAND CARGO_SHIP PATROL_BOAT WARSHIP BALLOON UNKNOWN (WarshipClass) AIRCRAFT_CARRIER BATTLESHIP CRUISER DESTROYER FRIGATE TRANSPORT
  8. Erik, a minor productivity issue with the new site layout. I have a 1920x1200 monitor and when I snap the browser window to one side of the screen so that I can have to CA site open while using the other half of the monitor to work all of the navigation items at the top of the page get packed away into the menu button at the top right of the screen. Now I understand the logic behind doing that, the issue I have is the screen width at which this change occurs. The fully visible site navigation tabs are viewable with a browser window width of 996 pixels and disappear at 995 pixels wide. With my monitor resolution the browser window when snapped to half the screen is 960 pixels wide, 36 pixels narrower than the minimum fully viewable size. As you can see in the upper picture below I have illustrated how a few items at the top of the page have the room necessary to be move just a little bit more to the left as the page compresses, in the 36 to 38 pixel range, to allow all of the site navigation items to remain visible when snapped to half the width of a 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 monitor. When comparing the two attached pictures, one above the other, you can see how small a space this is on the monitor yet it can interfere when one is working with the CA site open on one side of the screen and game files, mods, or historical source info needed to support that work on the other side. Would the proposed adjustment be possible or is it hard coded? Also, while I was typing this up I managed to get a screen cap of the odd issue I told you about that I have been having with spellchecking words since the update. See in the screen cap below how the full word is not selected when clicked upon for spellcheck.
  9. @pappychksix, is this skin possible?
  10. Sukhois

    Does anyone else read the thread title "Sukhois" as "Sukhosis" like psychosis but with Sukhoi instead of psycho in it? This might just be my dyslexia but from time to time I have to look twice when I see the thread title. Also, beautiful cockpit guys. I am looking forward to flying from it.
  11. NukeMap!

    I have known about NukeMap for years but I never thought about sharing it over here. At one time there was also NUKEMAP3D but Google deprecated the Google Earth Plugin that NUKEMAP3D required to work.
  12. Try the ripple interval keys. That is what the "FA-18E_F_CockpitManual.pdf" says.
  13. I found this on Youtube.
  14. Wrench, if there is a specific pilot that you want let me know. I could probably do the same trick with any of them.
  15. Try this one, I may have forgotten to save my last change on the other one. KUSAF01_B.7z

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