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  1. I once gave an F-100 the Pratt & Whitney F135-PW-100 of the F-35.
  2. Use the LODViewer to find the node name. Then search with the hex editor to find the node name and change it.
  3. That is simple to do with a hex editor. Just make sure you do not change file size. And be sure to back up the file first.
  4. To do it and shoot accurately the projectile diameter needs to be set to one tenth normal caliber with a muzzle velocity of around 1010 mps in order for the guns to shoot accurately. Check out the 155mm AGS on WhiteBoySamurai's DDG-1000 Zumwalt class. For true ballistic indirect fire you need a modified rocket or missiles set up to launch like a gun. I did that with the North Carolina class battleship in testing years ago. @daddyairplanes On the F-86D I have one modified to work like the rockets on the EE Lightning.
  5. Here you go. ballisticdata.zip G1.DAT
  6. GAR-8/AIM-9B Schematics

    Happy to help. Keep us updated on your project.
  7. GAR-8/AIM-9B Schematics

    This should help you. https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A"Bureau+of+Naval+Weapons" Looks like they have manuals and patents related to sidewinder. Edit: These may also help. https://archive.org/details/fire-control-equipment-manuals/
  8. The Corona Virus Thread

    Just found out that the photographer who took my college graduation pictures and his wife, who were anti-vax and anti-mask, both died today from COVID.
  9. Did anyone ever make a Northrop YA-9 for SF2?
  10. Which ships have a moving turret on top of another turret?
  11. Pleas be aware that some aircraft have bad hit-box data. I was doing a project to fix all of the stock aircraft hit-boxes. I should get back to work on that.
  12. Guy's how do the temperature of engine exhaust from a jet engine compare to piston engines? I thought I recall reading that a prop planes exhaust pipes being as hot as jet exhaust. This is related to the effectiveness of Sidewinders vs prop aircraft.
  13. TB2 Nightmare

    You would think these jammers would be prime targets for anti-radiation missiles.

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