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  1. I just saw this and had to share it.
  2. The bigger the value the better the performance.
  3. Noise Rejection is how well the seeker can see through ground clutter and CM Rejection is how well is ignores chaff and flares.
  4. Here is the optional more lethal flak from the SF2:V Air & Ground Expansion. Flak.7z
  5. Check out the modified ships and guns in my ship packs as well as the more lethal flak mod.
  6. I need some help. I have added an SSD in an M.2 slot to my system and I want to clone my current OS HDD (Win10) over to the new SSD. What do I need to do to get the SSD formatted and ready to receive the clone? I have Macrium Reflect to do the cloning with unless anyone has a better option.
  7. Did you check the SceneClip settings in the Flightengine.ini file? Also did you check multiple aircraft? It might be an issue with the Cockpit.ini settings.
  8. USS Bon Homme Richard on fire in San Diego!

    Wall Street Journal Navy Officials Fear USS Bonhomme Richard Fire Has Damaged It Beyond Repair UPI Dozens injured as Navy ship USS Bonhomme Richard continues to burn in San Diego USA Today Multiple sailors injured during fire on USS Bonhomme Richard at Naval Base San Diego
  9. The Corona Virus Thread

  10. Maybe you could attach screenshots of the SF1 vs SF2 cockpits with radar on so we can seen exactly what the issue is?
  11. LINKS: ATC Report: https://www.fliegerfaust.com/plane-crash-2646161619.html Karachi Approach Plates (Outdated): https://vau.aero/navdb/chart/OPKC.pdf
  12. Attach the data file of the relevant missile.

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