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  1. Took me a little longer than I planned as I got bogged down in a number of details involving ships, guns, AAA and SAM's. Try this and see how it works for you. Falklands_Ship_&_AAA_Update_Test.7z Note: Ships with files designated Mod1 and Mod2 indicate proper top speed or all stop is set respectively. The way I have the files set in the attachment is the same way speed is set in the base Falklands 82 mod, as such you should be able to drop all if the files into your Falklands mod folder and they should work straight away. Be sure to back up just in case. If you are using the ships in any other install then make sure the data file reference in the ship's main INI file is pointing to the Mod1 variant.
  2. F-4 Cockpit Revisited

    I think you might have a problem with that cockpit. Your comm/IFF/nav control panel on the right side has a distinct case of doggy eyes. If you are not careful it will convince you to let it eat all of your survival rations before you even reach the target area.
  3. I usual just set everything in the Objects folder to read only when I am not modding files.
  4. It looks like an estimate of "Two Weeks" would have been right on time for this project. To give you an update, I just have to finish work on the data files for the General Belgrano and give the edited ships an in game test and the Falklands 82 ships should all be ready. I would say within the next couple of days. The data files for the YAP Rising Sun ships will still be awhile yet.
  5. You want the cockpit INI file for the given aircraft for the gun sight. Additional HUD elements are in the aircraft's avionics INI file. For example the following is from the F-15A_Cockpit.ini file. Each aircraft will have its own defaults setting. [GunsightFront] HasGunsight=TRUE GunsightMilSize=50 GunsightName=F-15A_sight.tga GunsightRollTabsName=F-15A_rolltabs.tga GunsightRangeBarName=F-15A_rangebar.tga RangeBarOrientation=6TO12 RangeBarHasGunRange=TRUE RangeBarUseWeaponRange=FALSE RangeBarMax=6096.0 RangeBarMin=914.4 RangeBarMaxGun=2032.1 RangeBarMinGun=304.8 LeadComputing=TRUE MinLeadRange=300 MaxLeadRange=1300 DefaultLeadRange=500 MaxDepression=245 DefaultDepression=50 Edit: That is for SF2, I did not notice that the thread was in the SF1 section when I posted.
  6. @warthog64 I am in the possess of doing a full data file overhaul for the Falklands and the YAP Rising Sun ship data files. Falklands 82 ships should come first. Also that seems too weak for a US carrier due to US damage control.
  7. Some interesting history videos I found.

    World War II In the Indian Ocean: Ondina and Bengal versus Aikoku and Hōkoku
  8. @warthog64 Which ships are you having trouble with? I have done a lot of data file work with ships and ground objects so if I can take a look at the ones giving you issues I may be able to diagnose what the problem is and fix it.
  9. Some interesting history videos I found.

    The 1943 Bombing Raid on Boise City Oklahoma.
  10. The Ultimate Paper Airplane

    Came across this today.
  11. Found this in my YouTube recommendations and thought I should share it.
  12. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas everyone, I hope we all have a happy new year.
  13. I have noticed a distinct lack of meteors is this thread. Lets fix that.

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