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  1. I was not sure if I shared these before of not so I am posting them now.
  2. Looks like it might be some kind of actuator for sliding shutters on the inside of the panels that can be opened to expose the camera lenses in flight.
  3. Smarter Everyday - Nuclear Submarine

    I have been watching these as well. Good videos. You might find some of the Sub Brief channel videos interesting. He is a former SONAR man.
  4. A Christmas to Remember

    I find that I do have something to be thankful for 2020. It made me reach out and get back in touch with and old collage friend who lives in Italy.
  5. The Corona Virus Thread

    Are you sure it is an asteroid we need to worry about and not a Monolith? Quick, what do the latest photos from Jupiter show.
  6. The Corona Virus Thread

    Same here Erik. It is just going to be my mother and I. Normally we have a full house of aunts, uncles and cousins. In my county we have had 1,298 cases and 52 deaths out of a population of 43,114. I wish people would pull there heads out of their asses and recognize that viruses do not have party affiliation. Talking about crazy, our local Big Boy restaurant has been refusing to comply with state orders banning inside service and has lost their franchise plus racked up $20,000 in fines. The Sheriff may be locking the the door up as a court order was pending when last week's paper was published. I am going to check on it in this week's paper.

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