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  1. I thought our modelers would find this interesting. Also a link to the "Titanic: Honor And Glory" website. https://www.titanichg.com/
  2. CORRECTION: First Flight Date 08/17/2004 = 15 years 9 months. Regarding Fuel Starvation- This flight did not go beyond it's reserves for flying time and there was a substantial post crash fire.
  3. The Corona Virus Thread

    I would not mind a USS Hancock CV-19 pandemic. Carriers for everyone.
  4. The Corona Virus Thread

  5. The Corona Virus Thread

    Two sites with useful COVID19 related data. http://www.healthdata.org and its projections page (https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections) with data from some 50 countries plus states/provinces of seven of them. Also New York Times' Coronavirus Deaths by U.S. State and Country Over Time: Daily Tracker. And below is the latest from Michigan. https://www.michigan.gov/Coronavirus
  6. The Corona Virus Thread

  7. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    They had those on my dad's M60 tank when he was in stationed in West Germany before going to Vietnam.
  8. What Caliber Weapon Is Needed To Kill These Things?

    Did someone say full auto .22? Load it with .22 bird shot.
  9. From the P-51D_Data.ini. [Engine] SystemType=PROP_ENGINE InputName=THROTTLE_CONTROL EngineID=1 HasWEP=TRUE SLPowerDry=1113479.3 SLPowerWEP=1234610.1 ThrustAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 ThrustPosition=0.0,0.0,0.0 WEPThrottle=0.90 ThrottleRate=0.25 AltitudeTableNumData=23 AltitudeTableDeltaX=609.6 AltitudeTableStartX=0.0 AltitudeTableData=1.000,1.016,1.031,1.047,1.062,1.013,0.938,0.891,0.899,0.908,0.916,0.896,0.829,0.761,0.693,0.625,0.558,0.490,0.422,0.321,0.219,0.117,0.000 WEPAltitudeTableNumData=23 WEPAltitudeTableDeltaX=609.6 WEPAltitudeTableStartX=0.0 WEPAltitudeTableData=1.000,1.014,1.028,1.042,0.984,0.916,0.878,0.888,0.897,0.906,0.875,0.813,0.750,0.688,0.626,0.564,0.502,0.440,0.378,0.284,0.191,0.098,0.000 WEPMaxAlt=6479.0 WEPTimeLimit=300.0 WEPTempDelta=10.0 WEPManifoldPressure=67 NumBlades=4 PropDiameter=3.40 MomentOfInertia=6.13 PropEfficiencyAdvanceRatioTableNumData=15 PropEfficiencyAdvanceRatioTableDeltaX=0.2 PropEfficiencyAdvanceRatioTableStartX=0.0 PropEfficiencyAdvanceRatioTableData=0.027,0.496,0.730,0.845,0.870,0.870,0.870,0.870,0.870,0.870,0.870,0.870,0.870,0.204,0.000 PropPFactorCoefficient=0.0 ConstantSpeed=TRUE PropRotationDirection=1 SpinnerNodeName=prop_spinner_axel StaticPropNodeName=Spinner Static SlowPropNodeName=Spinner Slow FastPropNodeName=Spinner Fast DamagedPropNodeName= SlowPropRPM=400 FastPropRPM=1000 MaxPropRPM=1437 IdlePropRPM=600 BSFC=0.00280 MinManifoldPressure=26 MaxManifoldPressure=61 GasTempIdleRPM=70 GasTempMaxRPM=80 GasTempChangeRate=0.033 OverheatTemp=90 DamageTempDelta=20 OilPressIdleRPM=70.0 OilPressMaxRPM=80.0 OilPressChangeRate=0.4 LowOilPress=50.0 LowOilPressTempDelta=100 ExhaustEmitterName= ExhaustPosition= FireSuppression=FALSE MinExtentPosition=-0.35, 0.91,-0.63 MaxExtentPosition= 0.35, 3.40, 0.37 AnimationID=-1 MaxPowerAnimationTime=0.1 MinPowerAnimationTime=0.3

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