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  1. Wow...I want one!

    Nice but it needs one of these.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s03nyiMbaPI
  3. The cause is that the "SeatModelName=ACES_II_F-16" listed in that data file does not exsist in the Objects\Pilots folder. Drop the attached seat into the Objects\Pilots folder and see what happens. ACES_II_F-16.7z
  4. Mue, it would be interesting if a tool could be created that could read the all of the aircraft performance data in the aircraft data files and generate Energy Maneuverability diagrams for them based upon that information. Then have it where you could select more than one aircraft and it would overlay the charts of selected aircraft's performance for easy comparison and contrast. That would allow a player or modderto compare how various aircraft in his install relate to each other as well as make it easier to create flight models.
  5. Do you have your CAT file access enabled and pointing to your Strike Fighters 2 install directory?
  6. Could you attach the original .3DS file so I can try some stuff?
  7. Okay, take a look at the upper right window. The one with Scene and World in it. That will show the hierarchy of the models meshes. If they are all visible in one single line then all meshes have top level position. Try moving one of the meshes in that window to one it is supposed to be subordinate to and see what happens. Also what swambast said, and I did not have the link handy.
  8. I would like to see exactly how you have the file arranged in Blender. Would you please post a screen cap of what Blender shows before you export?
  9. krfrge, by "file tree" do you mean getting the meshes in the Blender Tree to arrange themselves into a hierarchy like you see here in this LODViewer image?
  10. Just use the export function to save the file you are working on in .3ds format. Just like you do with image file in the newer versions of GIMP. (I was confusing that with another piece of software.) You probably would not want to overwrite your original files anyway for backup reasons.
  11. Graphics Card Price Spike.

    Was anyone else here aware of this? I only found out because I came across the video below. There goes my plan to build a new system this year.
  12. I don't have anything in game yet, I still have to get a fully working data file set up, but I got the materials showing in LODViewer now.
  13. Well here is a small test. It has been so long since I have played around with Blender that I have no clue how to attach a material to a model. But I converted this model with version 0.2 and can view it in LODViewer. This is what it should look like. Maybe some one with more blender experience can help me out?
  14. So what shows are you hooked on?

    I have not been watching as much TV as I have in the past but three show come to mind. The Orville, The Magicians, and The Expanse are what I have been following lately. I have to agree on Warehouse 13 and Babylon 5, also if pointing to older shows then I would have to include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, FarScape, Highlander: The Series, Forever Knight, and non-SciFi, China Beach. As for Andromeda, the first season, and the first four or five episodes of season 2 were the best. After that point there was a behind the scenes shake-up that had one of the producers leave the show and take the planned story arc with him. After that it devolved in the Hercules in Space.

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