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  1. This should be what you want. RF-4 Camera Stuff.7z
  2. Former President and World War II US Navy veteran George H.W. Bush has died at age 94. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/president-george-h-w-bush-dead-94-n942536
  3. You might try increasing the arming time so that it matches the 5.2 secs burn time of the booster, set rail launched to TRUE, and see if the missile will clear the aircraft before making the lofted the pitch up.
  4. What is the "ArmingTime=" set to on those ALARM's in the video? Increasing the time on that may allow the missile to clear the aircraft before it starts guiding. Note that I checked in my SF2:NA folder and I have three different ALARM variants their, each with a different arming time. ALARM: ArmingTime=0.300000 ALARM_NP: ArmingTime=3.000000 ALARM_Up: ArmingTime=0.050000
  5. Just to be complete, in order for decals to show properly on the model the object needs a "with decals" setting to be turned on in 3DS Max when it is saved or it does funky things in game. Stephen1918 and I ran into that issue when assigning pennant number decals to the V & W class destroyers. You might need to be able to read the data the "with decals" flag adds to the object. Example of the issue from our development.
  6. Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies at 95

    From some 50 year ago and still relevant.
  7. I found this a couple of months ago and only just caught up with it this past week. The Great War YouTube Channel All Videos from THE GREAT WAR - chronological order THE GREAT WAR - WEEK BY WEEK 100 YEARS LATER S1 • E1 The Outbreak of WWI - How Europe Spiraled Into the GREAT WAR - Week 1 THE GREAT WAR - WEEK BY WEEK 100 YEARS LATER S5 • E46 Armistice - But Peace? I THE GREAT WAR Week 225
  8. Some interesting history videos I found.

    Unknown Soldiers Nationalism, The Great War, and Robert Prager
  9. Aviation Ration SEEK/SERE + Pilot MRE Reviews.

    Here are a couple more. 1967 Vietnam US Leg Holster Pilot Survival Kit Review Vintage Military Gadget Testing 1987 Canadian Food Packet Survival Supplementary Air MRE Review 72 Hour Ration Taste Testing
  10. Sundowner, I have PDFs of the CF-100 flight manual if you want it.
  11. Some interesting history videos I found.

    Here are a few more videos by The History Guy. Reactor accident on Soviet Submarine K-19. Submarines, Balloons, and the Battle of Los Angeles. The Norwegian Rocket Incident of 1995 Taffy Holden, the Accidental Lightning Pilot USS Buckley vs U-66 Here is a link to the U.S.S. BUCKLEY (DE-51)'s action report for 6 May 1944 that is referenced in the video below if you want to read it for yourself. I first learned about this incident from the paperwork that came with a model kit of the Buckley that I built back in the 90's.
  12. Landed on the wrong carrier

    Here are a number of other examples, F4U to F-14. Also a Royal Navy Sea Vixen and a prank by the RN on a USMC F-4.
  13. Star Wars - Original Trailers

    Star Wars Trailer 1977 Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back" Trailer 1980 Star Wars "Return Of The Jedi" Trailer 1983

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