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  1. WRONG WAY . Add exporter to buttons . And use this way ...
  2. Q: What if ... my catapult settings are wrong ? A: Well, 1st Harrier space mission .
  3. Attach decal file. Hard to say something without it. This one :
  4. You are doing something special, Gepard. Just amazing job.
  5. View File USS Midway Class 1985-1992 Midway class carrier 1984-1992 ---------------------------------------------------- The latest version of famous carrier. Model is mostly my job. I used some parts from other ships like radars and CIWS. Thank you creators ;-) C R E D I T S -------------------- Crusader - testing, DATA files Coupi - testing. parked aircrafts guuruu - all bugs Installation: ------------------- It will replace older CVA-41, so delete CVA-41 from your GroundObjects 1st. Then just copy/overwrite files to your MODS folder. ************************************************************************************************************* This is freeware; it CANNOT be distributed unless permissions are granted by myself. The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact. The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes. This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. ************************************************************************************************************* THIS SHIP MOD OR ANY PART OF IT MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, OR USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THIRDWIRE FLIGHT SIMULATORS, AND MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY ITSELF OR WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR MODS. ************************************************************************************************************* Have fun Wojtek Submitter guuruu Submitted 12/03/2020 Category Aircraft Carriers  

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