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  1. Depends on plane. 0 is ofc ok for ww2 or early 'cold war' planes, but totally unrealistic for 'fly by wire' planes like F-16 or Tornado.
  2. Even did small progress . I'm correcting maps to have accurate corelation with existing skins. It's especially annoying in cockipt where almost all is mirrored ;-)
  3. Yup, lol. She is waiting for updated 3d model and cockpit.
  4. I knew, it must be simple solution ;-)
  5. You will need 10km airstrip for this load ;-)))
  6. True. ;-) Here is 'update' package for Euro Theater Tornados. It's called 'update', but it is stand alone install. You don't need nothing more. https://we.tl/t-e75yaUyUiQ
  7. You must wait a bit. Project is under heavy reconstruction. In downloads is still older version.
  8. But in case of Your F-5, it is only statistic.99% of satisfied users and 1% of .... ?????? Funny thing, but this 1% is right ;-) And this is difference between commercial and Your publications. You did this plane because you love F-5 and even the best commercial F-5 will never be even close to your F-5. It's question of passion, not real value of this plane. However F-5 was really great plane. Same as 'Polish' MiG-21 by Jarek and same as my Tonkas. It's a game and we need heroes;-)
  9. Next Pierre's video. Just fly for fun ;-)
  10. Rear seat just must be in plane 3d model ;-) There is no any 'secret keys' combo ;-)
  11. 1st. Plane ofc must have TV display ;-) 2nd Arm plane with LGB (or other EO) and laser designator 3. When you select EO weapon TV display will turn on. 4. Select target (mostly E -key) and wait to get correct distance from target. It will be locked automaticaly. Drop ;-)) Ofc screens can look different for different laser designators ;-)
  12. Well, you can only select target, wait for locked mark and drop. Ofc you need laser designator.
  13. Looks like yes, but you must experiment ;-)
  14. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

    So beauty, so realistic ...

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