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  1. I saw this military version of Trabant in DDR. Traumatic experience ;-)
  2. Maybe not too wise ... but cool photo ;-) BTW, A(problematic)Is are always looking for crash ;-)
  3. Tornado GR.1

    You must select 8 x No2_Mk1 3Kg Practice Bomb. They are in CBLS.
  4. https://funkyimg.com/ for example ;-)
  5. I think GKABS is better CA community transfer than CR7 to Juve ;-)
  6. Indeed, it is ;-) Don't forget lights, pls ;-) I love night missions.
  7. Rivets. They always looks cool on these aluminium camos.
  8. I'm waiting for new GPU only , now ;-) Just compilation of Pierre's videos, that we used in Tornado project for different test (and sometimes just for fun) ;-) Crazy Brimstone test Early MW-1 test MFG night lights test GR.4 IX Sqn 1st camo/decals test DS ALARM strike Crazy LGB drop ;-) 'Locusta' AMI Tonka AMI camo test AMI cluster test GR.1A winter camo test GR.1B bump files test GR.1B grey camo and animations test 'Merry Christmas' Tornado ;-)
  9. Yup, copy/paste YT link. If it's not working for you try change 'https://' to 'http://'.
  10. My PC is dead now ;-( I didn't lost anything, but it will take some time to buy new one and install all needed programs. Be patient , pls.
  11. I hope, you'll be ok soon, bro .
  12. Because some weapons have non-standart 3d files, made for specific plane (for example including racks) and it could be cool to see weapon position in LODviewer. Also some weapons have many versions, so again you can choose the best looking one ;-) Finally it can be good addon for setting weapon stations and loadouts.
  13. You know your into WWII/aviation history when...

    A trap ;-) But I can forgive .. helping homeless dogs or cats is worth of it ;-)
  14. Old PC for old games isn't bad idea, much better than emulation I think. They are very cheap or even free, so why not ? ;-)

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