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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slug_(unit) So probably the easiest way is calculate it in kg*m^2, then convert to slugs ;-) But baffmeister's method is the best. Fast and simple.
  2. Inertia is probably in kgm (or Nm?). It's sum of masses multiplied by distance to CG. Three values for all axis. It determine force on steering plates needed to start turn or climb.
  3. When you have also pilot as part of model he is not using Star Trek teleportation system.
  4. Maybe he is hero ? He dropped canopy and seat to make plane lighter and went to engine section to check what is wrong ? Another option ... it was too big G during ejection and he is still on seat, but so flat that invisible ?
  5. It is possible, but you must assign seat to canopy (or glass). Not perfect solution but working. Check Jarek's AV-8.
  6. ParticleLifeTime in Effect.ini But I think there are some flare bombs in weapons folder. Never used them, but you can check ;-)
  7. Here is a bit better quality and prepared tga. cobra.7z

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