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  1. Anyway, for guns it's easier and faster just modify DATA files in notepad than use editor ;-)
  2. I'll only add fisherman with anti-kraken 9K34 ' Strela' and will upload ;-)
  3. It's question of materials. I had same thing and it stopped when I've changed bmp files to jpg. It's not ofc so simple, it is weird ;-)but try maybe .. and export model again. Interesting thing. I had to restart my PC ...
  4. B61 Nuclear Bomb Pack

    Perfect .
  5. PR-14A Transloaders

    Eye candy ;-)
  6. BM-21 Grad on Ural Track

  7. Panamax Motor Vessel Target

    Better than stock ships ;-) Small addon. Lights. lights for Panamax.7z
  8. Just download manual for it (is easy to find in net) and read few pages. Level of avionics simulation is incredible.
  9. Cause only graphic is old in this game;-) It has amazing mission planner and simulation of avionic failures. Even autopilot has 4 modes. ALARM can be fired in direct or indirect (climb and search) modes. LOFT for freefalls has correct HUD. You can drop bombs manualy or leave it for MCU (you must only keep allowance pressed). You can (must) select target for LGB manualy etc. Amazing game ;-)

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