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  1. I think I get it. So your performance in your mission then influences the effectiveness of the ground war? Which planes do you like best forthe europe campaigns? Roughly how many missions does it take to finish - and should I fly the campaign on normal or hard difficulty? - what about the supply?
  2. OK that makes sense. So regardless of mission the ultimate aim is to protect and support the ground troops so that they can move forward and capture the capital? Also - what about destroying things mission to mission? Is it possible to destroy a runway, for example, and it still be destroyed in the next mission? What aircraft do you recommend for the best campaign experience? Sorry for all the questions but I am very interested! Alex
  3. Thanks for your response Cowboy. I am not really confident (at all) in altering the game's innerworkings and, to be honest, after just installing the Nato Fighters Mod, the new terrain, new sound mod and new effects I really want to get on and play it! So which aircraft are multi role in the campaign? I guess F-4s and F-16s are the main ones. Anything else? I wonder if you could tell me - if it's not too stupid a question - how you actually win the campaigns? Is it just a case of winning a certain number of missions? I never seem to see much change in the territory map at the end of missions and so it does get boring after a while. If I destroy a runway or hangar in one mission, will it still be destroyed in the next mission? What about a squadron of enemy planes? Is there any way to keep track of this? Finally - what settings should I use when starting the campaign? Easy? Normal? What about limited "supply"? Sorry for all the questions but your response would be massively appreciated!! :) Alex
  4. Hi everyone, I've been having some fun flying around in the Nato Fighters 5 mod over the last couple of days. The new Germany terrain is fabulous and the game has never been better. Does anyone have any recommendations for campaigns? I have never actually finished a campaign as they seem so repetetive and I just can't see the progress! However - I really feel like this mod may make the game "come alive". So - which aircraft should I fly, and what settings should I use to get max enjoyment? It would be good to hear some other's experiences! Thanks Alex
  5. Is there a way to trim your aircraft in sf2? Very awkward with imbalanced loadouts! - Alex
  6. Woodbridge and Bentwaters were twin bases with the same (WR) tail code.
  7. Hi everyone, I see a lot about this NATO fighters mod and it looks superb - I remember using it for the original WOE series - but is there a pack with everything all together - that wont mess up my expansion packs Lightnings or their missiles? Would love to use this! - Alex
  8. Thanks SkateZilla. What a pain! How do I choose what options? I've always run high graphics settings and the fps has been fine, but how am I to judge what's appropriate other than FPS? I think its time for a new card though... I really don't care too much about super high end graphics - just good fps and no bugs! Any recommendations?
  9. OK, thanks. I emailed TW a while ago and no response yet...
  10. I'd like to get SF2 and run all the sims from that base. Do you think that would work or do you think i'd still get all the same issues?
  11. Everything is totally stock, and i've run SF2I a couple of times. I haven't got the black sky problem - but i'm loathed to run it seperately all the time since i've set everything up (controls etc) in SF2E. Any other ideas? Thank you again, so much - for all your advice! - Alex
  12. I'm confused... So whenever I use Israel terrain I need to play SF2I? What's the point of the merged install then? Sorry... i'm really not computer minded. At all! - Alex
  13. Sorry I thought the games were all the same. My mistake!! I do not get the black sky on unlimited or high settings with Germany terrain, but on unlimited I get the flashing dots. Thanks

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