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  1. My son, pictures from Iraq...

    Might be near the oil wells or oil storage facilities....
  2. About this girl winning the CMH?

    it depends on how much they tortured her, i mean, if they found 11 bodies, and she was the only one left alive, doesnt hat merit soemthing? true it would be a boobie prize of sorts, but still, the fact that she survived and was probably tortured, and yet was able to still be alive, and no i'm not slandering anyone who has been a pow before with this, just that she is the first american woman pow i have heard of in a very long time, if ever.
  3. What if it happened to the French?

    lol, i jut wanted to post this qoute from our VP :D Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web sites) dismissed the French proposal, saying "it's difficult to take the French seriously."
  4. Something that makes me mad....

    LOL, yeah, CSU is supposed to more republican, less hippies, its CU thats full of rich white boys from the east coast, they ALL drive fancy cars, a**holes. I really hate them too, one of the rivalrey chants is "DIIIIIRRRRTTTTTYYYYY HIIIIIPPPPPPPIIIIIEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS" :twisted:
  5. Nice change of the screen, also, the screen shots are all kept in the screen shot folder, lol
  6. Something that makes me mad....

    Thx for the responses so far guys, just had to get it off my chest, and yes, these are the people who take their freedoms for granted, spit on servicemen and women after they go out and protect these rights. I trully hate these people, and i'm not ashamed to say it, because they should have some respect for those who are willing to go protect their rights......
  7. heh, crash your plane and then use the free roam camera? tahts how i made the blank revetment screen for download.
  8. A bright spot in the sea of darkness?

    Ok, anotehr one related to iraq, not sure how many of you all know which countries are supporting the US, either symbolic or with any operations in Iraq, and the list may surprise you, it surprised me this morning when i read it: Britian as you know, Australia is sending several thousand to the Middle East, Albania, Croatia, Czech republic, hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, lithunia, latvia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal and turkey. Canada is close to joining..... impressive list although most are jsut symbolic? Notice that most are from the former soviet satellites.... Add anymore if you can :)
  9. Something that makes me mad....

    Ok, this really pisses me off, people protesting the agaisnt war, really i dont have problem with that, but when they include statements such as "F*** Bush" and are chanting that, i jsut think its almsot borderline slander. Today they had a "anti-war" protest on my campus, i almost went just to tell them to get a life, then figured that i'd be knocken unconcious by the stench of their unwashed hair and bad breath(stereotype i know, but very prevelant on my campus for those people). These people really are ignorant fools, they dont understand that osama and saddam dont give a s*** about them, these people dont understand that they wont be spared if somethign happens, jsut because they are "against" it. I'd like to go up to these people and tell them if they hate our gov't and policies so much that they should go live in iraq or north korea and see how well they fare under police-states. This is one topic i'm very adiment about.........
  10. heres 3 more, nd one more after this post....
  11. ok, i worked up a few, jsut gonna post the jpeg variants, i have the bmp versions already in SF format.

    good job dagger :)
  13. u want it for carrier or land ops? :D and how many submissions per person? lol, i can have about 10+ good ones turned out in a few hours...... :twisted:

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