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  1. I won't be wasting my money on it, no need buying something I think is ugly and I won't ever fly. I'm not like some people that buy everything they put out. I don't have time to learn how to fly all the different aircraft. I bought A-10C and flew it for a few months and I doubt I'll fly it again. To be honest, I like the A-10A better.
  2. So people that bought A-10C in beta have been waiting over 3 years for the Nevada map and that's from release of A-10C.
  3. I only buy things that I will use, I'm not going to waste my money on something that I will ot fly or fly a few times. Some people have more time then me and like you said they will buy everything that gets put out. I have a friend like this, but he doesn't work (disability) and has no kids....things like that makes a HUGE difference.
  4. It has been a long time, A-10C came out how long ago?
  5. I know why the P-51 was made and I may be narrow minded, but come on, no F-16 or F-18 in FC in how many years? Ed knew that people wanted these aircraft 10 years ago and crickets. Now every time you mention BMS in the forums it gets locked or deleted. I understand it takes a long time to make a DCS aircraft, what stopped them from doing a Lock On 16 or 18? Was it because of the ground radar, they didn't know how to do that? The 3rd parties are doing a great job in adding to the mix, I just wish they would make an aircraft that most people want.....yes I do know there are 2 F-18's coming out soon...maybe.
  6. BMS redflag V5.0

    What is nice is that the people working on BMS are doing it for free.
  7. The P-51 fits in really well in the DCS series........I'm joking about that. All the P-51 is is target practice, formation flying or site seeing. Ed can't make aircraft fast enough to for us that is up to DCS level and they surely can't make the aircraft that people actually want.
  8. Raid on The Reactor

    Pretty interesting reading how the Operation was done, F-16's are remarkable aircraft!
  9. T-50 catches fire

    That's gonna cost a lot to fix!
  10. BMS redflag V5.0

    It is for an old game engine.
  11. Wish they would stop messing around with the old junk and focus on modern aircraft.
  12. BMS redflag V5.0

    New BMS redflag v5.0, here are some pictures. I know this won't get locked/closed here. Look and enjoy, check out the link for more info. http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?19146-Redflag-RP5-V5-0-Preview
  13. Skate, do you know why my BMS thread got closed? All I did was post a update like the other threads in the "other sim section" and they closed it. What is the big deal with BMS and DCS? Why do the mods close every thread that talks about BMS but leave threads about MSFS and others open?
  14. ED needs to stay with modern stuff first. Hope you are wrong Paul, and I didn't know you left the tester team.

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