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  1. LOMAC Manual Lottery!!

    here we go...
  2. LOMAC Manual Lottery!!

    here we go...
  3. Is anybody out there running EF2000 successfully on a machine with Windows XP? Just re-installed it and can't get it to run at all.
  4. Just came from the Ubisoft website and placed a pre-order for LO:MAC. Hadn't seen any mention of it yet anywhere, so I thought I'd pass it along. Ubisoft's listed release date is 9/23/2003. :D
  5. Who plays Splinter Cell?

    Just finished it myself a couple of days ago. Hot it is! Probably the best shooter/sneaker I've ever played.....
  6. Low end (based off what the box calls for anyway) => Windows ME AMD 900 Athlon Geforce 2 64mb video card Audigy sound card 512 mb RAM
  7. UPS just delivered my copy of Forgotten Battles today and after booting it up, I just have two words to describe it......"SIMPLY AMAZING". (Even on my "low end" machine. 8)

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