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  1. Hi,

    Welcome to the board...
    I think it would be easier if you told us WHAT you want to modify... skins, weapon loadouts, flight characteristics, the model...
    Without these details your question (well, I presume it is one despite lacking a question mark and some 'decent' introduction and ending)
    I can only poit you to these threads where you can read stuff about modding and the game:



    Take some effort to search the site, and do some browsing and reading. I bet you'll find your way around and enjoy it! And good luck!
    Welcome here, and have a nice stay here at this looney bin!



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  2. Yeah...

    ASUS once fucked me over when I had a defective motherboard...
    The vendor (luckily for me) helped me get a replacement under guarantee which works fine till this day. But I also decided never to buy ASUS again...
    I have since replaced my old GTX680's with a single 1070 which is MSI and I already like them better.

    Good luck, I hope your own solution works like a charm!


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  3. Alternative F-4G(B) skin


    Just something I whipped up real fast after I saw the loading screen of the renewed F-4G (65-66 USN)...
    I noticed it wasn't overall green, but resembled the lizard scheme very much. So I fiddled around with
    some different available skins (I think the lizard skin is TW and other parts came from the green standard skin of the aircraft)
    and quickly made this to add some variation in an almost real life manner...

    Credits and thanks to Wrench and Kevin Stein for the F-4G USN

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  4. 44 minutes ago, citizen67 said:

    Well, I've been misundertood... I wasn't talking about the mirror angle, I don't care to view the pilot's helmet or things like this. I was talking about the good finishing of the DCS rearview mirrors. The SF2 F-14 cockpit is great, but the mirrors aren't so good as the DCS ones... They have angled lines and no frames, and are not consistent with the rest of the cockpit. Just that.

    I would consider that to be 'rivet counting'...
    Unless you want to direct your wish directly to TK, you will otherwise have to settle with us...And me guess there are more pressing concerns and issues and projects than the look of a mirror.
    Sorry if my tone offended you or anybody else.
    English is not my native language and I don't know how else to make my point.


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