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  1. Okay 9700 Pro fix: To remove stutters: Click on desktop bring up 9700 pro properties click on smartgart turn AGP settings to 0 fastwrites off DX9 and catalyst 3.0 drivers Win XP Pro Worked to remove stutter issue. Do you have the stutter how to test. Start on runway pan camera 360 around aircraft if you notice a regular stutter meaning it occurs like the beat of a song then try the AGP fix.
  2. I was a beta tester and tested the 9700 Pro on WinXP My suggested fix: Go to smartgart turn off agp and fast writes cleared up all stutters
  3. Uhm sys spec's THe rant might be more productive if we knew what your sys specs were?
  4. I tried RW over game spy and HL small game 3 flyers but seemed to work very well anybody else????

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