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  1. 1 hour ago, MigBuster said:

    Don't think that accounts for the amount that fled Afghanistan during the chaos of the retreat.

    I've read that the numbers in this chart are from 2017. Fair to say the numbers are wrong considering the amount of pilots that fled to Uzbekistan with their aircraft.


    37 minutes ago, daddyairplanes said:

    on the Humvees and tracks however, half will be NMC by end of month, the rest by Halloween. im laughing my ass on on those

    Same. Humvees will go NMC for no good reason even if you give them a full, by the book PMCS (but who actually does that?!)

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Erik said:

    Did you see that on Facebook? I saw it also but it's an old photo that's been cropped. Facebook is notorious for this propaganda shit and has no accountability for it.

    No, it was on an OSINT page that up until now had been fairly reliable. But that's the problem with open source I guess. Thanks.

  3. 33 minutes ago, EricJ said:

    As for  my opinion given my tour, I think it's pretty messed up the hard work we put in there just goes away with the Taliban took over. Sure feels like my tour there was a waste.

    I know I was just a fobbit over there, but feel free to message me if you need to talk. These are hard times for a lot of OEF vets.


    Unfortunate fun fact: one of the State Department Air Wing CH-46s that was taking part in the Kabul evacuation was on the USS Hancock during Operation Frequent Wind.

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  4. 6 hours ago, macelena said:

    I doubt i will be the most pissed about it here compared to people who got to deploy there

    My deployment was nothing more than a glorified tax payer funded work vacation behind old Soviet minefields and rows of barbed wire. 


    That said, I don’t think there’s much we can do to help the ANA, if the ANA isn’t willing to help itself. Writing has been on the wall for some time. The biggest enemy to the Taliban now is probably itself. It’s a much more ethnically diverse organization compared to its Pashtun origins, but Afghanistan’s people always turn on each other eventually. 


    I do wish the best for the people there though. It’s a beautiful country.

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  5. Dusting off the cobwebs to remember how to ini edit using @dtmdragon's TW MiG-23 upgrade mod as a starting point for some what-if Yugoslav MiG-23s. Also using this post to mark my progress on remembering how to do this stuff. Think I'll do some other Yugoslav what-ifs as well.

    Backstory: In the late 1980s, Iraq sent a number of MiG-21s and ten MiG-23MLAs to Yugoslavia for upgrade and overhaul. Only one of the Floggers was completed and it carried Yugoslav national markings during test flights. One of the MiG-23s was put on display at the air museum in Belgrade and the others put in storage sometime in the 1990s or 2000s.
    What if: Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the Iraqi MiGs were absorbed into Yugoslav service? The aircraft were overhauled and entered service as the L-23 with the first group of pilots receiving training on the type in Romania. Initially only armed with R-3 and R-60 missiles, R-23s, spare parts and two MiG-23UBs (NL-23) would come from the newly independent Ukraine. The Floggers would only serve a limited role in the breakup of Yugoslavia, mostly being held in reserve for air defense around Belgrade. Unsure of what was done in the overhaul, these were referred to as "MiG-23MLY" by western media throughout their career,

    Pictured: The second Yugoslav Flogger on its acceptance flight with the Iraqi number still on the nose in a glaring oversight.






    To do:
    -Extend fin flash to the rudder (possible?) 
    -Figure out how to do the Yugoslav tail numbers
    -FRY era

    (Yes my Balkan install is still a bit vanilla and I need to add a cloud mod)

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  6. Hey all, just a quick question. Do we have any barrage balloons or similar looking aerostats? Took a look in the downloads and didn't see any. Trying to spice up the Afghanistan terrain (for personal use) and wanted to add something to replicate the observation balloons that were tethered around some of the bases. No idea what they're called, I just remember we had three or four of them around KAF. I should also ask, is it possible to have a fixed object in the air in SF2?

    You can see the balloon over the mountain in this picture I took of an Afghan Mi-17 that was doing touch and goes.


  7. War Thunder has a very nice selection of planes and tanks. And the damage models are cool too. I've played my fair share, but grinding like that is not something I have any interest in doing anymore (I feel old saying that!) Stopped playing World of Tanks and World of Warships for the same reason. These games make it so easy to put your money into as well. It's horrifying how much money some people have put into these games. The WT community is also, how do I put this..."interesting"

    And then there's SF2 which, ok let's be honest it's ancient, but it just feels so right.

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