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  1. Thanks Wrench. I love lots of your mods. Espacially, I really expect KAW Team's Korean War mod.My grand father was serviced in military at that time. I made a Campagin about korean war in korean SF series Community, I was so crude... I really expect KAW teams one! I'm poor 3d modeller. Actually, I learn 3ds max only 1 months. I have a plane model I can made, but cockpit isn't. 3D modelling is hard work to me... Hmmmm... Can you please help me found the threads how to make Texture of doing repainting? I have to learn this too. If you have some time, please thread about how to move Things of cockpits, too.
  2. Yes. I used that file, so I think only editing can remove that 'frame'. If you use MIG29_Cockpit.ini file in that contents, you can remove frame even you useing in original meshes on SF2! But I don't know how it can remove it.
  3. Actually, I found a Cockpit.ini file in combatace.com. when i use that Cockpit ini file, disappear the pipe use the same mesh. But thae cockpit.ini file based on SF1 series, it can't realization what I want. I tried add some functions to the file I found, but it failed. F-5E Cockpit is best I think. but It's Texture is really bad... I don't know how to make textures, so I'm trying i can do.(I think this text has lots of grammar error.....)
  4. Only reason is Just I do not want see that. The plane I made has no pipe. You see external view, no pipe in cockpit. but you change to internal view, that pipe appear! That is rediculous.
  5. first, I am not living in English-speaking world. So, My english isn't good. I think someone can't understand this or feel rudenees. But that's not I want. please understand this. I just wanna disappear Iron pipes(?) side of HUD.(attached jpeg) After 2 days I anguished, found something that 'not a problem from meshes.' It can disappear with only change of cockpit.ini, but I don't know how to do it. Please Someone help me!
  6. routes are all in the movement.ini. Original version is WOI oct 08. but I don't have any problem without CAS, Armed Recon, Anti ship. (Actually, few days ago that mission types were worked good.) What command are using in 1st Gen for Mission allow?
  7. This is not official terrain. Spectre8750's Modern Korea Warfare's 1.04 version. I checked Korea.ini, and found this. [AllowedMissionTypes] FriendlyMissionTypes=SWEEP,CAP,ESCORT,INTERCEPT,STRIKE,CAS,SEAD,ARMED_RECON,RECON,FAC,ANTI_SHIP EnemyMissionTypes=SWEEP,CAP,ESCORT,INTERCEPT,STRIKE,CAS,SEAD,ARMED_RECON,RECON,FAC,ANTI_SHIP
  8. Now I checked Something. Problem is CAS, Armed Recon, Anti ship. Other type of mission can play well. All enemy airplane(in this time soviet union) can play well in CAS, Armed Recon, Anti ship. This three type of mission related with terrain_movement.ini , but I can't find problem. What is the problem?
  9. At single Mission, chose CAS or Anti ship(only enemy aircraft(Soviet) can fly at CAS.), and freeze. Any other missions are good. I think it is terrain problem. I am in making my own mod, I fixed this problem before.(At that time I fixed "terrain_type.ini".) In this time, I failed. Please, someone advise me about this. What do I do to fix this problem.
  10. I'm in final work of my 'Korean war on 1950' campaign. and... I want add a lots of ground unit like real one. For example in 25.6.1950 North korea army were 120k men, 242tanks, 160 SPGs. so I edit campaign_date.ini. 1 north korea infantry div have 2418 infantry object. resultingly, I added about 50k ground objects. Actually, it is not end. If one campaign mission use just units it need, I think it will be ok. But If one campaing mission use every units, It will be really heavy game. I don't know how it works. please some one advise me.
  11. I finished most part of my mod "Korea 1950" before going to military. Some people helped me, so I want say "thank you." that guys. This mod for a community I'm in. It will make DVD and provide some people, so I can't upload here.(And it isn't finished completly yet.) It is poor quality and full of scissor and paste, but it is first campagin mod I made. I really happy to finish this. I thank to Spectre8750 Gepard Wrench Baltika and all other peoples helped me.
  12. If you download it before Oct 08, delete that game perfectly before reinstall.
  13. Wow... Truely impressive. I'm sad because I don't have time to wait this mod...
  14. Wow. I need time to wait this! It is really GREAT. Really impressive.
  15. Thank you to your advice, Gepard. I will try it.

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