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  1. Strike Fighters Android Review

    They have the Mig 29 but no Su-27 which is one of major pet peeve. Also attaining keys to unlock aircraft at times seems unreachable. The app gives you the option purchase aircraft at .99 a pop which is what they really intended for users to do.Once you make the first purchase, you won't get anymore of those annoying advertisement.
  2. Tu-360 BETA

    Excellent aircraft keep them coming
  3. combatace upgrade

    First things first, Excellent upgrade to Combatace. My compliments to the architects for an even better looking as well as functional website. Some may even say it was long over due but patience has its rewards.
  4. I followed the instructions to the letter, but when i applied the patch i get and error message that reads can not rewrite objects data . I reinstalled WOE but still get the error message .
  5. It's an outstanding flight model and the skins are right on the mark. I won't lie to you but I've been waiting for this great bird for a while now, and i am glad its finally here. Thanks Paul and the great ppl of ATEAM:salute:
  6. New User of Falcon 4

    GwynO has pretty much rounded up in a nutshell. And i would stick to the recommendation of shelving your original falcon 4 for Falcon4 allied force. They have got all bugs so it runs smoothly as never before. i think the last patch is 1.0.13 after this who knows. If you still feeling nostalgic head over to you tube and type in falcon 4 and enjoy.
  7. Thank you cliff and thank you ravenclaw i installed the cameras as prescribe and the right view finder now works...but at a cost. My FPM rate has dropped considerably. Thinking of boosting the RAM see if that helps.
  8. From Left Field

    Multiple calls and the gender of culprit has not been established.
  9. Detroit would be the coolest city in the world if...

    I think Skynet wouldn't bother but i do think OCP would stake a strong claim . p.s. check your robocop files:good:

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