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  1. DCS WWII: Europe 1944

    I was thinking South of France i.e. the Provence landing, but Italy would do too.
  2. Thank you Streakeagle.
  3. I know DW. I played that game since its inception in 2005. I have an old laptop not linked to the WWW, on which I have Fleet command and I had the latest updates, so no SH-2, but SH-60 instead. I checked this morning. What is the "NWP 19.2" you talked about? And where can I find it? Thanks
  4. The "Fleet Command" idea is almost perfect. However, "Fleet Command" does not allow to sit at any individual station to execute a task to standard. But I will investigate. Thank you streakeagle, you just made my day.
  5. I am looking for a helo ASW mission in "sim" other than "Dangerous Water" and with a Kaman SH-2 Seasprite. "Microsoft flight sim X" has a SH-2 Seasprite payware add-on from Vistavia, yet the senso station in not usable and there is no sub target in that "sim". The Sh2- Seasprite served in the USN from 61 to 91 in a ASW role. Does anyone has an idea? Thanks in advance
  6. "Distance is not a Range" is the second book I have written. The first one was about WWII Tiger gun sight, and this one is about WWII SOVIET gun sights and covers 20 different tanks. It is addressed to tactical gamers wishing to use the stadia metric system successfully , to increase their accuracy per shot and reach an average of one shot/one hit for medium to long range engagements in SP, MP and MMO's. To have a better idea of how the book is organized and how it is written, you can discover it on Amazon.com, also you can Google the title because different parts are reproduced on Amazon and Google. Finally, you can inspect the cover through those links: Download link: http://www.4shared.com/photo/YxidZAqyba/SKU-000969768_COVER__2_.html Direct Link: http://www.4shared.com/download/YxidZAqyba/SKU-000969768_COVER__2_.jpg?lgfp=3000 Enjoy your new found accuracy! Sincerely,

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