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  1. Same issue here. Thirdwire hasn't replied to any of my e-mails. Also disappointed that First Eagles 2 is not included in the package deal.
  2. Really cool. Makes FE much more Immersive!<br>
  3. Subscription Plans NOW Available

    Will a download 'Resume' feature be enabled for those of us still on dial-up? (I use download managers, none of which have worked with combatace .rar downloads, occasionally with combatace .zip downloads.)
  4. Hi folks, I can't seem to complete my downloads on this site for some reason, especially with .rar files. For example, with the SFP1 P-40E download (5.97mb), the download will finish at perhaps 0.99-1.66mb. Since I am on a dial-up connection, I'd like to use a download manager. But many files here don't seem to support a "resume" function. I am sometimes able to use a download manager with the .zip files when using the download mirror. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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