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  1. Xicat again running Jane's name in the dirt.

    HAHA maybe next time I will actually read many of the post before I make mine.. I see you guys have already seen this game coming faster than I have ;)
  2. I was surfing the web looking for a game that might be coming out that may look or sound interesting, and I found this.. http://www.gonegold.com/releases/ I found a new Xicat game that will be released in March by the name of Jane's Civilian Flight. I bet money this will be a cheap rip off of Microsoft's game... Xicat shouldn't even be in business right now with the games they bring out... I lost my lunch and my interest when they released Jane's Attack Squadron. Any thoughts? -Kool
  3. I would love to put up a few good kill pics i got.. but I'm ignorant to how to work the pic in here.. any help would be much appreciated.

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