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  1. Avast Me Scurvies!

    Arrrh! Tops'ls! Mains'ls! Sheets! Halyards! Jibs! Hoist the rusty scupper! I actually introduced this fine holiday to my school. There were announcements about it on the PA. Plenty of people to be heard saying "Arrh"! One of my friends lives close to a street called Yahr street, and he was thinking about taking the sign down for me.
  2. Somebody's gonna rot in HELL if these crashes are related.
  3. Graduating High School

    Congrats, guys! I'm a sophomore myself. I didn't go to prom because I can't drive yet, and it would seem really stupid to have your parents drive you to prom. Besides, it was really freakin' expensive. My last day of school is the 22nd (yes, May 22) and I'm gonna be glad to be done with it!
  4. What, you mean not moddable as in "Don't even think about doing it"? Or not moddable as in an IL-2, "You make the stuff but we're the ones who can put it in the game" sense. Even if it does turn out to be a Flanker re-hash, I'm still buying it because I haven't ever played one of the Flanker games.
  5. SAAB JA-37 Viggen Information

    You aren't thinking of modelling it, are you? Swede is working on a pretty large Viggen project for Strike Fighters already... Though you can do whatever you want!
  6. That is one pretty neat looking vehicle. Are people really working on making it a Forgotten Battles add-on, or is it just an idea?
  7. Yeah, if that's a 5000 kilogram bomb (11,000 lbs.) I really can't imagine what a 15 megaton (30,000,000,000 lbs.) explosion is like.
  8. Now THIS is impressive: I set up a quick mission flying a Finnish Hurricane Mk.I against a Russian Pe-8 with a single FAB-5000 at an altitude of only 100 m. I shot up the bomber to the point where it dropped its bomb...and a few seconds later, WHOA! Mushroom cloud right in my face!
  9. Needed

    While we're on the subject of extremely advanced cancelled 1960s British Commonwealth combat aircraft...a BAC TSR.2 would be cool to see in Strike Fighters.
  10. The State of Flight Sims today?

    I am very reluctant to say that any particular genre of computer game is dying. Remember, back in '97 everyone thought D&D-style roleplaying games were truly dead. Nowadays we've got tons of 'em. Or how about that period during 2000 and early '01 when some people were sure PC gaming itself was on the way out? I will say that flight sims are in a bit of a dry spell right now, but the fact that a game like Il-2 FB is on the market can't be a bad sign for the industry. LOMAC should help a lot too. My dream flightsim would be a Cold War sim starting as an escalation of the Korean War. You could fly regular fighters, two-seat interceptors (with the AI handling the other seat), or crew multiple stations on massive bombers and actually use nukes! Doing so, though, would provoke the enemy into using theirs too, so you'd have to really decide the worth of such an action. All the equipment would be true-to-life (the vacuum-tube intercept radars, bombing radars, LABS and what-have-you). Yes, I would jump up and down at the chance to play a game like that...
  11. Humor Me Caption

    "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Battle Station..."
  12. F-105 Cockpit

    I really think you should complete the Thud cockpit before really working on anything else. If you start something, you should complete it. Even incomplete, though, it's pretty cool.
  13. Warning....this will make some of you very angry....

    I totally agree that Communism is damn hard to actually do right. The best-sounding social structures and governments are always the hardest to create and maintain. I also agree that it is inborn human nature to move towards a wealth-based system. I don't know if there is such a thing as a "good" war. Even World War II, probably the most revered and noble conflict the States has fought in, had some questionable actions on the part of the allies (the Dresden firebombing, the Japanese internment, the Nagasaki bomb.) I think wars should be confined to computer games. Perhaps, in the distant future, truly serious conflicts will be solved by multiplayer deathmatch :)
  14. Warning....this will make some of you very angry....

    What really gets me angry is your response. I find it interesting how you all label people who seem to disagree with current US policy "Commies". As if we're still living under the Red Scare. Actually, I don't know how many people know what Communism really is. I myself think Communism is the ultimate form of government, in which all the people's interests are listened to and cared for. I also happen to think that every Communist country on this earth (USSR, Cuba, N. Korea, etc...) has done a pathetic job of it, and that they all are horrible disgraces to the name "Communist." The original ideals of Communism are not very far from the egalitarian goals the United States holds to be its core. I'm not anti-American, I just don't like the way things are going right now, and I believe we need to re-think our outlooks, social structure, values, and government.

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