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  1. OFP 2: Dragon Rising

    Hard to say really BIA is a seperate Company, handling a completely different and very tough marketplace. To side track slightly I personally think its not so much the game but who you play it with. I have had endless hours of imersive action with the groups I play with.
  2. World in Conflict

    I played the BETA like some of you guys, I really couldnt see any way this would last more than a few weeks on my PC, its a nice concept but seemed some how "shallow?"
  3. OFP 2: Dragon Rising

    With all due respect OFP was not well made, and in fact was released with a huge number of bugs and problems. (nothing personal I hope you understand) I find it ironic how many people look upon OFP with rose tinted glasses. There were so many issues still present in OFP that people were bleeting about prior to ArmA. I am not saying ArmA was released in a good state quite the contary however I do think those who love this genre / series will need to deal witht he simple fact that BIS are one of the LAST independant game houses, and thus money does not flow like water. I very much suspect BIS would be under now had it not released arma when it did. I look at it like this, better to have the game and BIS (for the future) than have no BIS and an incomplete ArmA.
  4. Star Wars Games

    To keep it brief these are the games I play in the SW genre. KOTOR & KOTOR 2 Galaxies ( I used to knock this but the contiuned expansion and trades has really engrossed me) JKA EAW :)
  5. Hi guys, I wondered if anyone could recommend a good server or servers (in europe) I am somewhat tired of being "vultured" and would be really keen to participate in a great server environment. I am running IL2 1946 thanks in advance
  6. OFP 2: Dragon Rising

    That is bascially incorrect, you maybe unhappy with the product but it is not related to VBS2 in that manner, some techonology and advances were used from knowledge gained from the creation of VBS2 and thats about it. ArmA 2 I am looking forward to playing. ArmA may not of been everything everyone wnated, but neither was OFP, so present you this thought. If arma or ofp did nt exist what would would you be left with in the MilSim Game market that even comes close to replayability and a fully accessible editor?
  7. Some assistance please

    I believe you will need TIR4 I have it working with my ArmA installation perfectly :)
  8. NASA Takes Light Saber

    Publicity stunt perhaps (although for what I really don't know)

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