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  1. The wings over vietnam installed to the program files,but there is nothing i can see in the program files to load the wov flight sim,or start the wov with. is there any solution in the program files i'm missing? without deleting both woe and wov and then reinstalling wings over vietnam first? sure do appreciate the heads up!!! thanks much pintoman
  2. I have wings superpack it allows you to install wings over europe and wings over vietnam. when you install wings over europe,the program provides me with a woe desktop shortcut to start the flight sim. when i install wings over vietnam,the program doesn't provide a desktop shortcut and it doesn't leave any exe files. Can someone provide me with a way to add a desktop icon shortcut to start the wings over vietnam flight sim? I'm desperate to find a way to start the wov flight sim. I appreciate all the help i can get. thanks much pintoman

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