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  1. Weapons Pack - 03 Jul 06

    This project is designed to provide a hassle free way of obtaining every 3rd party released weapon and gun. It will be updated after every aircraft release to include the newly created ordnance, gun types, and fuel tanks. All data is checked and verified by experts to provide the most realistic weapons effects and performance possible.
    This weapons pack will not run with the 2008 patched Thirdwire sim unless you run it through latest weapons editor found here. If you are using the latest patch then do not use the data.ini files that the weps pack comes with.


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  2. Bombing Range Terrain

    This started as a post by Aladar on the SIMHQ forum and quickly turned into what I would consider a very important add-on for Strike Fighters. The difficulty in weapon delivery for this era screamed for an area for virtual pilots to practice and hone their A2G skills.
    There are two versions of the terrain, one for friendly aircraft called Bombing Range and one for enemy aircraft called Red Range. Both are installed when you run the installation program. It is important to remember that only friendly aircraft such as NATO forces can be flown on the Bombing Range and only enemy aircraft such as Soviet forces may be flown on the Red Range.
    The Range Terrain consists on an airfield and main range complex. A variety of targets are available for bombing. Intercept missions against a drone aircraft are available when flying the included pre-built single missions.
    Terrain by Deuces
    Targets and data by Bunyap and The Wrench
    BQM-34 Firebee Drone by RussoUK
    Airfield lights by Sidewinder86
    Intercept missions by Zerocinco


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  3. B-66B Destroyer

    The B-66B was developed strictly as a tactical bomber and was the last bomber of this type procured by the USAF. The -B model was based on the RB-66A which was in turn adapted from the US Navy A3D Skywarrior. The B-66B made its first flight on 4 January 1955, about 6 months after the initial flight of the RB-66A. The USAF received its first production aircraft in March 1956 and deliveries continued into 1958.
    The B-66B was the first USAF bomber designed with in-flight refueling (IFR) capability, although many (numerically) earlier bombers were fitted with IFR equipment as a retrofit modification or on later models in the development cycle.
    A total of 62 B-66B bombers were built. Many -B models were converted to electronic warfare aircraft after their usefulness as bombers was complete. Many of these aircraft, designated as EB-66B or EB-66E, served in Sotheast Asia during the Vietnam war.
    Skins included with the aircraft:
    Air Force Flight Test Center ? 1955
    84th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing ? 1960
    85th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing - 1960
    86th Bomb Squadron, 47th Bomb Wing - 1960


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  4. 9th Fighter Squadron Skin Set

    This is a set of five skins for Wolf 257's P-38L representing aircraft from the 9th Fighter Squadron. The following skins are included:
    Maj Richard Bong ? ?Marge?
    P-38J-15-LO, Gusap, March 1944
    Capt James Halsep ? ?LiL Joe?
    P-38L-5-LO, 1944
    Maj J.R. Petrovich
    P-38L-5-LO, 1944
    1Lt K.B. Clark ? ?Gypsy?
    P-38L-5-LO, Philippines, 1945
    Capt Edward Howes ? ?Embraceable You?
    P-38L-5-LO, 1944


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  5. F-100D Skin Pack

    This skin pack contains nine skins fro the F-100D.
    49th Tactical Fighter Wing
    Etain AB, France 1958
    7th Tactical Fighter Squadron
    9th Tactical Fighter Squadron
    20th Tactical Fighter Wing
    Woodridge, Suffolk 1958
    79th Tactical Fighter Squadron
    4th Fighter Day Wing
    Seymour-Johnson AFB, 1959
    335th Fighter Day Squadron
    31st Tactical Fighter Wing
    George AFB, 1959
    308th Tactical Fighter Squadron
    309th Tactical Fighter Squadron
    TAC Gunnery Meet Markings
    354th Tactical Fighter Wing
    Myrtle Beach AFB, 1959
    353rd Tactical Fighter Squadron
    506th Fighter Day Wing
    Tinker AFB, 1958
    457th Fighter Day Squadron
    21st Tactical Fighter Wing
    Misawa AB, Japan, 1962
    531st Tactical Fighter Squadron
    “Schatze II”


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  6. F-4EJ Kai Phantom II

    F-4EJ Kai Phantom II
    Skins by Sundowner
    Screens/Testing by USAFMTL
    Avionics by Chaser617
    Model/Cockpit by Bunyap


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