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  1. Does anyone know how to save a control setup so it can be used from 1 plane to another. I use a CH quadrant and it is a bit of a hassle to reset all the keys in the game control section if I want to play a different mission - a save file or anything like that I can edit just once and/or adjust a little bit later on for specific plane features? Thanks
  2. never mind- I figure it out. By the way BOE is on sale at Just Flight for $7.99 incl. shipping.
  3. Maybe a stupid question but reviewing the download scenarios I can't figure out what DGEN is and also what is BOE (I know it's Battle over Europe but what is that)?? Thanks
  4. Special Thanks to MrCraig41 - he sent me the file and I just dropped it in and things work well. You do lose a little of the water resolution but otherwise Vista will run it! Thanks to all for the help!
  5. ok - I'm a bit computer naiave so I can't follow this. I've tried but can't find the right programs. I have the extractor and have tried the cat file. it opens and there is a long list fo programs. Ive tried to extract a couple and it says they are in the wwi/verdun file but there is nothing there. Which do I try to extract? Where would the extracted file be? Am I doing this the right way? Sorry but I really need step by step guidans. Thanks for the responses and effort.
  6. I've read about this problem with Vista machines and know there is a fix from forum 2/2007 - similar problem in WOE - I can't follow the fix and need a recipe to follow to do it. I see Baffmeister had a fix. Please help! Thanks. (For First Eagles)
  7. Trying to figure out .rar

    I'm a newbie to adding on to sims. When I try to open a .rar file usingwinzip and extract to the game folder I get either unable to access or unable to create folder. What can I do?

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