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  1. woww wer igat this skin end how i open the cnope
  2. wowwwwwwwwww i jast beck end see it its fukin crazy wer/wen/ its goon reales???????
  3. i work now on rf model of the israeli air force
  4. well first my inglish sux bat not wen i talk i wont to chend the font on the air plan if u can please contact me at the icq it will be grayt mybe we will start work together :roll:
  5. yes look i have a skin ok bath worith to me on the plan "us navy" end i wont to chang it how i doo it
  6. how can i chend the font on the skin in photo shop??
  7. well tanks but i doo all in this file end i stil see the wing thet i pint in with color way ??
  8. how i make my skins to fly?? i make a skin of israeli pantom end how i him at the game?/?? wat i need to doo
  9. wat is the wallmart virsion end wat is the virsion u have??
  10. wat is this file sfp1_wmpatch2 i download end i can instal it way???
  11. well i tinks it a sim... with a lots of opetnthyal soo ppl give him a chens
  12. i tinks the model with the red bool one fly on mach 6

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