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  1. 4 GB patch

    Hi Everyone, This seems to work perfectly. I ran it on Strike Fighters 2 Europe, Windows 7, x64. The game ran perfectly smoothly. I am not certain if it made any actual difference in terms of performance, as I am on a pretty high frame rate already, but I can confirm that it the programs runs fine after being patched.
  2. Hi Everyone, I just bought a lovely new shiny pair of Cougar MFD surrounds. Several Games such as the DCS series and Falcon 4 can export the MFD displays, often with the assistance of a third party program, to the second monitor. Even the aging IL-2 has the capacity to export a set of guages via a deviocelink protocol. Of course, I would like to do the same thing with SF2, however I can find no mention of this in the forums. Some of the new cockpits have some stunning MFD displays. Is this even possible? Has anyone looked into this idea? Regards to All, Peter
  3. Hi Everyone, I need some help with an issue with sound that I can't solve, despite a lot of experimentation and searching of forums. I have an Onkyo HT-R590 amplifier which I run in 7.1 mode. It has a maze of various surround modes and suchforth. I also have a set of Razer headphones which runs a simulated 7.1 surround sound. the sound I get from the Razer is excellent as it takes a stereo source and converts it into what it thinks is surround (more of less). It's good enough to l keep things quiet while the wife is watching TV. When I switch to the speakers, the sound of the engines is only heard when I am pointing my head to the side. if I am looking straight ahead, the sound cuts out altogether. I would imagine there should be sound coming from the center speaker. I can't seem to find a setting on the amplifier which will handle the old stereo signal and divide all the sounds between the front two speakers only. I may be missing something obvious here, but if anyone has had a similar problem, or can make a suggestion, I would appreciate the assistance. Peter
  4. Hi Again, Skatezilla. I will endeavor to borrow BACK my video camera (Was borrowed by a friend months ago for a family event by a friend) and will have a video of what is happening. Thanks for you kind offer to help.
  5. Thanks for your help, but I am still having problems. I have extracted the viewlist file from the flight.cat, placed it in the "flight" folder in the "Mods" folder found on the C drive. I am pretty sure it's in the correct place, but the altered viewlist file does not appear to change or affect the game in any way. I experimented with a range of settings, but I get the same field of view. Can you suggest what I might be doing or not be doing for the game to be unable to read the viewlist file? Should I try for a complete re-install from scratch and see if that improves things? I am out of my depth with this but would very much like to see the game running on three screens. The external views look fabulous, but as it is, the FOV in the cockpit is too narrow to be playable. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  6. Is there a general guide available on how to do this?
  7. I am going to have to ask an embarrassingly dopey question.. . . . . Where exactly is the viewlist file? I searched through all the folders and can't seem to find it. I assume it is supposed to be in the "flight" folder, but is not present. Does it have to be generated somehow?
  8. Hi Dave, I am trying to get the game to run correctly using a Nvidia Surround set up on three screens. I'm having the same "nose up against the windscreen" feeling. Could you please post the settings you used to solve this issue with FOV? Did you change the FOV, MinFOV, MaxFOV or all three? Your help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi Steelflanker, Thanks for your contribution on the view list. I am even more in the dark about this than you are. My problem is adjusting the Field of View for a three screen Nvidia surround set up. I need to find the values which alter the FOV, and play around with them to shift the FOV back. At the moment on all the Strike Fighters 2 series, as well as First Eagles 2, I have the sensation of having my nose jammed up against the gunsight, which more or less fills the screen. Can you tell me where the viewlist file is found? Has anyone else got a Nvidia surround setup and have managed to alter the FOV? Thanks again for your valued help.
  10. Hi Dave. Congratulations on getting the TH2GO, but I regret to tell you that getting Strike Fighters 2 or First Eagles 2 to run on it is going to be a challenge. I am using two GTX 470s on three LG 42" TVs and am in the midst of setting up a new cockpit, and am running into a lot of compatibility issues with the third wire series. "Rise of Flight" and "Cliffs of Dover" are a lot more successful, but I don't think third wire are supporting multiscreen gaming as yet. My poor old 470s don't have the omph to run on Nvidia Surround alone and I need the Matrox to bump up the frame rates. It seems to me that the Matrox takes care of the screen splitting and does a lot of the leg work, leaving the GPUs to concentrate on the number crunching for the game graphics. Please let me know if you have success with Third Wire titles.

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