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  1. Ok, i give up :), just re installed woe2, patched to the latest patch feb10, run the game, works fine, installed the mod by following the instructions. Extracted the files from the germany map and copyed al the folders to my mod folder....nothing, no other mods or nothing, what can i be doing wrong???
  2. Hi! Thanks alot, i will try to re install and with a few diferent aircrafts.
  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply, yes, it's in the correct folder. The sound doesn't start either, strange. I must have done something wrong.....but what, the normal map plays just fine but..
  4. Hi! Windows VISTA home premium, service pack 2 2GB RAM Intel Core2 Duo 1.66GHz 1.66GHz ATI Radeon HD 5700 1GB GDDR5 Thanks alot!
  5. Can't get the map to load....:( It shows and when i press fly the loading screen shows at 10% but then...nothing, any tips?
  6. Hi! I realy have no idea how to solve my problem, been scanning the i-net for some hrs now and i just don't get it.....I downloaded a joy config for my x52 stick and throttle but the saitek profile editor don't recognice it as one, tryed other x52 profiles and no no. What am i missing? the file is a .dat file, tryed to rename it to a pr0 but no..... pls, someone :)
  7. Will this game ever be released? :) What's the news? /Niklas
  8. Like the topic said, after i installed WOV2 i can no longer run WOE2... I can access the europe map from WOV2 launch but not the aircraft...... what am i missing? Also in WOV, in some missions the enemy AI planes are invissible.........strange :)
  9. Ah, sweet, thanks for the swift reply!! Keep up the good work :)
  10. hm, what am i missing? It says that i need the mirage factory F/A-18A to be able to fly theese birds....but i can only find a MF F/A-18A för SF1? And it's a installer file....sorry if making an ass of myself but, realy, i don't get it :)
  11. Ok, thanks alot! So theres no way to make 'em more realistic then in woe, the mavs and lgbs.
  12. Hm, i don't get it, how do i use these in WoE i know how to use them in other sims but i can't bloody get the mav's to work, i cant pan and or zoom the cam nor can i destignate a target for them, same with LGB's how do i tell the aircraft where i want them to guide. Same with unguided, is the target computer not simulated? i have to drop them WWII style eg divebomb to hit. I hope that someone explains this to me cuz i've rtfm and scanned the forums but........ Flying mostly phantoms, tornados, f/a-18, viggen Thanks alot Niklas

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