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  1. OH YEAH !!!!! Thats the stuff fantasies are made of :D. Looking good, If only there were f101s available :)
  2. I will post more pics while the skin is being developped. The model is complete for now. The pilot isn't there cuz I use the one from SF. I haven't started on a virtual pit but I intend to build one.
  3. I'm currently mapping my F11F-1. I'd like to ask everybody something. If you have information that could be useful in creating a decent FM for this plane please mail it to me at idero.bvba@pandora.be Here she is !!!!
  4. Its a f-86, clearly everybody can see that. Perhaps the mystery is because of 2 SERIOUS typos ;)
  5. This is a patch for the Wallmart version !!!!! If you don't have the wallmart version don't install it.
  6. WOW !!!! Won't this BUFF be great for escort missions ;)
  7. I guess its building your own plane and adding it to the game ;) (for those who know me) AND killing lots of migs why the newly added plane (say a F11F-1 Tiger ;) )
  8. RWR Activation

    Yeah, Its always active. Just run a single mission, SEAD type with the Air Defense set on hard and you'll see. I took out my first Shilka with a Shrike today trying that RWR :)

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