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  1. How did YOU end up here at combatace?

    I had recently bought WOV and was hoping to find a terrain add on like a city with skyscrapers and stuff. I couldn't find any but just as i was abut to look elsewhere i see the add on aircraft section. you can guess how the rest go's
  2. try moving the folder to your desktop, thats where mine is and it works fine
  3. Your Top 10 Games (any Console)

    1.Rock Band (Xbox 360) 2.Guitar Hero World tour (Xbox 360) 3.Little Big planet (PS3) 4.Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 5.The force unleashed (Xbox 360) 6.just cause (Xbox 360) 7.Wii music (Wii) 8.Legend of zelda twilight princess (Wii) 9.Ace combat 5 (PS2) 10.Mario kart series
  4. Obsessions

    Rock Band, The force unleashed and Just Cause.
  5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Has anyone who's got it on the 360 got either of the lightning shield achievements because i can't seem to get them and they're pretty much the only two i've got left.
  6. I don't think COI and WOI are even the same game
  7. Armstice Day

  8. ScreenShot_010.jpg

  9. ScreenShot_001.jpg

  10. The F-117,Su-47/modern enemy plane to fight the Raptor and the Su-25

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