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  1. Hey all, Is been a while since my last post, but just as a heads-up, as I am typing this(13:12 EST) I've got USAF Thunder-Birds, CAF Snowbirds and RAF Red-Arrows buzzing my condo on Toronto's Lakeshore next to Lake Ontario. It's the last day of the Canadian Int'l Airshow. I live on the 15th floor and the Falcons, Hornets, Hawks and Tutors are all performing right in front of me!!!! The window panes are vibrating and the Afterburner is deafening!!!!!!!!! Right now the Thunderbirds are performing. THIS IS THE SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the official link if your're in interested:http://www.cias.org/ GO AIRFORCE!!!!!!!!! Until next time, Bacardi.
  2. Hey All, Was browsing through Terrapin's HOTAS Cougar site http://mpgnetz.de/images/cougar/tips1.html, Frugal's Cougar World http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/)and the Cougar Forum @ the Warbirds III site http://agw.warbirdsiii.com/bbs/showthread....?threadid=21169. I'm surprised at the varying degree of modifications end-users have applied to the TM-Cougar and there's even an unoffical upgrade to the HOTAS, the Uber Cougar-2. http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showthr...&threadid=35029 I'm curious, have any of you guys and gals within the BioHaz community attempted modifications to your Cougar? (ex. personal refinements and/or major Mods. like the Uber Cougar-2) and if so, what were the results. Thanks in advance.
  3. Problems with Hotas?

    Schizo66, I understand your concern and its one that is well noted. I visited the like you provided, there seems to be a few numbered Cougar owners whom are experiencing a few "problems" hopefully they are only minor. It's an issue that I will follow closely. Hey SDirickson, Concerning the Cougar cleaning issue, the rig doesn't need any additional specific attention than one would usually give to their HOTAS, as we all know its the fine dust particles that accumulates overtime between the throttle slide, the stick base, buttons, etc...that may eventually lead to problems (for all HOTAS). I usually use a can of compressed air and alcohol wipes to clean both. I've had my Suncom HOTAS since its introduction and with regular cleaning its looks almost brand new and works perfectly. Concerning the Suncom SFS split throttle, to my knowledge (and its limited to flight sims) there aren't any games that I know of that support the split throttle feature. I've used the rig with Jane's F-15/F-18/USAF/IAF, SF-P1, F-22 TAW, Novalogic F-16/Mig-29/F-22 II&III, F4-SP3(single motor) and the split throttle feature was not available. I'm not sure if its supported in Flanker 2.5 to date I haven't played the sim. I'll have get a copy to prepare for the Flankers and Migs in LO-MAC Your question is rightfully valid. Guys, This may be a long shot but are there any games past or present that supports the Suncom split throttle feature? any info. would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Problems with Hotas?

    Schizo66, I got the HOTAS Covers @ http://www.hotascovers.com/covers.htm the covers (one each for the throttle and stick) are made from a fleece like material and comes complete with a pair of "Remove before flight" tags. They're a must have for any HOTAS owners.
  5. Problems with Hotas?

    Hey Schizo66, A while back I was hesitant about acquiring the TM Cougar, like you I also appealed for info from the BioHaz community. I know the Cougar is still a bit expensive, but believe its worth the money. Though I can't comment in its internal workings, I have no problems with its physical build nor buttons or Hats. My Cougar is currently setup to work with F4-SP3, Jane's F-18 and Jane's F-15 (I usually don't play survey sims, SF-P1 is currently off my system, I'm not griping aganist SF) and, there hasn't been any problems relating to gameplay nor programming. In reference to durability, I've had the HOTAS about 5 months now, and since Mid-April (after finals @ college) its been getting a fairly solid work-out, I usually Sim for hours on end. A few weeks ago a accidentally dropped it and though it suffered a minor scratch, it works fine. I clean my PCs, HOTAS weekly in-addition to the gaming room. About a month ago I ordered a pair of HOTAS covers for my COUGAR and Suncom SFS Throttle and F-15E Talon stick. The Cougar gets a lot of care.
  6. Your right Fates, NATO's combined forces are in LO-MAC, I guess we'll have to wait and see which country's rank insignias are modeled. I'm having difficulties accessing the LO-MAC board @ UBISoft. I believe its an issue with my firewall. Bacardi.
  7. Hey All, Was browsing the LOMAC site and and found the "Log Book" screenshot http://www.lo-mac.com/screens.php?id=951, in the left corner displays the Player's Rank. In the screen the Rank Insignia are of Russian origin. I'm wondering, will/are US Rank Insignias be available for our Logbooks in-addition to the Russian Insignias? U.S Ranks in my opinion are the most identifiable the world over, wish the Canadian Forces would adpot them, not that the current Shoulder Boards aren't bad. Bacardi.
  8. Sweet eye candy. Everytime new screens are posted the anticipation within kicks into overdrive. :)
  9. Falcon V?

    Is there an E.T.A on Falcon SP4? Last I heard it was in early Beta testing.
  10. Thanks for all the help guys, I know that is may sound a little quirky but I've burnt almost all the add-ons to a few CDs last evening. Other than a few "expected" bugs the game runs quite well. So far I've only installed the patch and a few Phantom, Skyhawk and Sabre skins. I read about all I could find on Project-1 and after a few sorties I'm really impressed. Now if I can only quell my anticipation for LOMAC, I hope the wait will be worth it. :) Bacardi.
  11. Hey All, I visited the mall after work today and by chance stopped in @ EB, and acquired a copy of SF:P-1 for $10 CDN. I've decided to give SF a try. What do I need to bring my copy up to speed? I'll get the patch, but there's a vast amount of add-ons on the net. I've got a couple in mind, but I'm wondering which add-ons the community recommends. Thanks, Bacardi.
  12. What's up all, Well I did it. I bought the HOTAS Cougar for $465 CDN + $60 for FEDEX ground, arrived on two days ago. I haven't gotten time for an actual test run as yet. I've finals next week and the following week, so I'll be a while. I don't fly the "LOCK and LOAD" or Survey Sims, I've currently got Falcon SP3 and Janes F/A-18 on my system but I don't get the chance to get some flight time.
  13. The speech that Bush should have given.....hehehehehe

    HO RAH!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hey all, Just wondering, will the IRST System (the Infra-Red Search and Track System) on the MIG-29 and SU27/33 be modeled in the Sim? Will we be able to utilize it in regular gameplay and on-line? There have been quite a few survey Sims that have modeled the Fulcrum, but the IRST System was ignored. Also, is the IRST System modeled in Flanker 2.5? I haven't played the Sim. Thanks, Bacardi.
  15. thanks for the Heads-Up guys, really appreciate it. I still haven't decided, also I'll have to check if any CAN. online retailers have it, before I order from the States, Customs Taxes and Shipping Fees are a B***H and the Exchange rate to top it off!! $500 CDN can get you a lot of FUN @ some Toronto clubs :D

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