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  1. Some FS-WWI things

    Sir, I am in the process of getting the A-in-1 DVD and have a question if I might ... is there anything on your FS-WW1 site that is NOT included on the DVD ? Thx ..
  2. That was my next thought. If it doesnt do the trick I'd think we're getting into the hardware realm here, even something as basic as the vid adapter fan going .... Good Luck
  3. Example : In some sims the AC folder and main.ini file names are irrelevant, as the campaign will ID by the first line of text in the main.ini etc etc Thx
  4. Exactly which file/folder name or *.ini entry must match the camp data please ? (it seems to be different in every flight sim I play) Thx
  5. hmmmm ... you seem to know your way around a pc, so I take it you've reinstalled the drivers, games and reloaded his directx post the problem ? determining if the issue is Thirdwire specific may help you nail this sucker down (??) good luck ...
  6. I have pretty much the exact same system: 3.2 P4 1 Gig Ram Nvidia 7600 GS (PCIE, not AGP). To have that severe of a degredation I'd think they've "pinched the garden hose" and created a bottleneck as opposed to just a settings tweak. Have you checked the AGP aperture setting in his bios ? (defines agp bandwith) This would have the biggest effect far and away, but you might also want to look at the display properties, in case it's set to a generic monitor/adapter or a very low screen refresh rate. Hope this helps .. and good luck on dad's machine
  7. Absolutely Outstanding !!! Made me feel like I was back in the Nam ....
  8. Thx guys .... good answer I was looking for it for the Tet'68 Campaign and that brings up another Q if I may .... If a particular campaign calls for a specific plane by Mr. X ... I take it that I can substitute the same plane by Mr. Y as long as the folder/ini name (pick one) is the same ?? (I took the roundabout way of getting here ... FS2004, FSX, CFS3, IL-2 and finally found what I'm looking for here in the Thirdwire series -- and I'm not quite sure of the file structure here yet) Thx again ...
  9. thanks for the reply. i'm sort of surprised at the lack of PTO's to be honest given all the AC here, but then i most certainly defer to your experience hereabouts thx again,
  10. Has anyone seen this bugger anywhere ?? Found http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=15663, but the d/l link is inactive .... Thanks much ...
  11. A couple o quick questions if I might please .. Do I want to use the F-111A_cockpit.ini in the F-111 package or the F-111A_cockpit.ini file in Mike Werners pit package ?? Mike's *.ini is 2kb bigger, but dated a day earlier (??) and the F111tanks and Weps folders .. I take it they go in the Weapons dirctory ?? Thank you quite kindly
  12. Anybody happen to see any PTO campaigns laying around anywhere ? All sorts of excellent AC, skins, terrain, objects etc ... but no campaigns Thx,

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