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  1. The best sim in town...

    try lockon, many addons and enhancements, many mods improving on the original. not one to bag other sims or games as its each to their own but please do not forget to give lockon a go. i fell in love with it a few years ago now and we are still happy together :) have a look around sites like 'lockonfiles' etc to get an idea as to whats going on. and visit the digital combat simulator ( DCS ) forums to see whats over the horizon. whatever you choose, i hope you find what you are after, i did
  2. those drill team vids are pretty dam impressive, thanks i enjoyed watching them, such precision and syncronization.
  3. and you saved me a seat with a view of the pretty girls crossing the street, just as i imagined :) thanks gentlemen.
  4. firstly hello, i am ggg from sim community but my name is used here and i will use ggg63. after recent events i have found some of our most informative and helpful community members moving on for various reasons, and i have to admit i am missing the input, not to mention the humour. hoping to stay in contact with those implied and found a few of you here, sweet. for everyone else who doesn't know me i will keep it brief, love my sims: rfactor, lockon FC, trackir, th2go, touch-buddy, ch-products etc. now, where's the bar :)

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