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  1. Hello. Usually this decal problem happens when you select the last number of the number.lst for your aircraft. Try to selecter any other numer an try again, it should be ok! It happens with some skins but we don't know why! Maybe it come from the number.lst file?
  2. CAP.

    No that's SFP1 in the Black Sea terrain wich is Work In Progress. As said ikon71, you'll find F-14A for SF in column5.us, skins here: http://site.voila.fr/sfp1skin/index.html
  3. CAP.

    4 VF-213 Black Lions F-14A in Combat Air Patrol.
  4. We want to release it in two month, we still have to work on it. We'll try to make other preview until it will be ready to download. :)
  5. New terrain preview. http://www.checksix-fr.com/articles/detail.php?id=413 :)

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