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  1. It depends on the difficulty model and the plane you are flying but check the mixture. If you see a dark smoke trail behind your airplane it means you must adjust mixture, reduce mixture till the dark smoke desapears.
  2. SFG en Windows 7

    Creo que los problemas provienen de los 64bits y directX9 más que windows 7 en si. SFG no es para 64 bits y requiere direct X9, así que o hay un modo de compatibilidad como han comentado antes o no podrá funcionar bien.
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  10. take into account the difficulty settings, if complex engine management is not active probably you won't be able to set prop pitch, mixture. Like other sims, ai planes flight using different parameters, you will have sometimes difficulties catching up with ai planes. It takes time and practice to adjust your plane to get the most of it.
  11. I think you can find here a map for the battle of the Ebro: http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,428.0.html look carefully in this forum and you might find more. PD: ese y otros foros son más apropiados para hallar cosas IL2 y sus MODs. saludos.
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  14. Just to add two tricks on this: - switch auto pilot on, then you'll be flying like the AI and won't be left behind. - try to get the best from your plane: trim your aircarft for speed, low the prop. pitch, close radiator ... in many cases you'll be able to keep the pace with AI planes. best luck


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