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  1. Madagascar, Southeast Africa (1977-2018)

    The terrain load CTD at 80%. I am using stock aircraft. I did not change FCD to 70000 as it is set at 80000. Changing FarClipDistance would not cause this, would it?
  2. Strike Fighters: Modern Combat

    On my Samsung S8+, I tried really hard to just play free. But since, unlike the PC version, we have to unlock planes with both credits and player level, I had to buy the weapons and no level restrictions (if there was a way to eliminate the timer and reload missiles....oh, man). But with just weapons, reinforcement pack 2, and the level unlock, I can now score up to 30 kills in a mission (F-15E with SDBs!). :)
  3. Some Kewl Videos I think Strike Figters Mobile is seen too.

    Strike Fighters: I don't think so, there are no buttons on the screen. Funny though.
  4. Khe Sanh Airbase Vietnam

    Yeah, the trees and weeds are on the runway n' junk, what fix is that there in your hand?
  5. USAF F-4 Phantom Vietnam losses

    This is cool. Now I can look up what to fly, when and as whom. Makes me want to start listing all my fails in a list like this, just to see how well I am doing. RIP to those who are still over there.
  6. Kfir Over Israel. SF2.

    Very cool. I still have trouble figuring out what the role is...fighter, bomber, sead, strike, CAS, escort, recon? it's the same with all Mirage type. They never feel as capable as other machines of the same class.
  7. U.S proposes Space Marines

    A much better expenditure of funds than, schools or green energy or healthcare or meals on wheels or EPA, or....pants.
  8. RAAF No.77 Sqn Meteor F8 Korean War(Aug 1951)

    Of course, I have not been indoctrinated on anyone else being involved in the ROK, because only the US flew missions (sarcastic, I know it was a world effort). But this made me look it up, and this is the first of the search.... http://korean-war.commemoration.gov.au/stalemate-in-korean-war-1952-1953/migs-versus-meteors.php I absolutely applaud the sacrifices of the world community, but it is true that MOST reporting only emphasizes the US. This is probably the reason most US people think that we are supporting everyone else.
  9. Cat lovers behold

    Here we see a couple of kitty Cats playing in among the shrubbery.... absolutely adorable! You can't watch without smiling... You're welcome!
  10. I have never told my flight to turn on or off their radar. Whenever I tell them to engage, they have always done so at range, up to 20 miles (or more with Phoenix). I'm not sure why your flights have difficulty, maybe a modded flight folder (if that is what controls engagement range)?
  11. Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2

    Top Gun 2: Revenge of Goose? Top Gun 2: Kick the Tires, Broke My Hip! Top Gun 2: Really Lost that Loving Feeling...Nope, Viagra! Top Gun 2: Goin Bananas! Anyway, we wait with baited breath. Is there a beach volleyball montage?
  12. I get smoked in the Mirage every time I think I got an idea.
  13. Radio Controlled F-104 Starfighter Model

    That is SICK, SIERRA HOTEL!!
  14. I usually make an attack first, If I foul it up, then tell him to go for it. If I hit it, I tell him to go for a target of my choosing, typically a SAM radar, or whatever. If I miss the primary, then I circle the AO to draw fire while he sets up for his attack, with luck he does better than I did. It is a good idea to check the roster before the mission starts to see if your wingman is any good, then use that info accordingly. Good luck.
  15. I have Saitek X-52 pro, and the wheel on the throttle does work for thrust vectoring on planes like the Harrier.

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