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  1. Objects may look closer than they appear! I did violate his airspace
  2. I love THUNDER, and don't tell me I can't... Jane's USAF...back when you could multiplayer. I couldn't find my P-47 screenshot, so I will add this in its stead, after all. tis the Thunder!
  3. Microsoft Set To Purcahse CombatACE

    Lookit that horse over there! Made you look!
  4. Yes, yes comrade, you can fly very close... I don't fly MiGs often, but when I do, this seems to happen a lot! And then... and then... Finally a chance... But nooooo, he has friends jump in. Finally a victory I never thought I'd get...
  5. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    Tuesdays twin seat beauties
  6. Made me wonder...

    Mollari has been here....all.....along, "All I want now is revenge!"
  7. Kfir C-10 Colombia Air Force

    Mine's broken, the nose is missing, and some dude's legs are hanging out the bottom straddling the center rack, other than that, the plane is brilliant. Redownloaded and installed, all is well...
  8. Humpday Heavies

    I'm not sure if these A-5s qualify, they were the biggest thing on the carriers at the time... Some think recon is easy
  9. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    RAPhantoms Jail Bait Phantoms Excuse me, I'm trying to land here! I didn't wanna post 5, but a Phantom boi on Phire.... JADPhanthoms
  10. Janes WWII Fighters 2020 edition

    I played the heck outta this and Jane's USAF until they shut down the servers stranding hordes of Simmers with nowhere to go. Until Hyperlobby showed up!

    They were in a CH-34, not a Huey, but that's ok, you meant well.

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