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  1. Wild wild rides Greek Harriers?? Ever since the game "MiG Alley" these have been my favorite...love for the underdogs! Desert Sunrise Finally some Brits with taste!..Comon, it's just humor! BRAKE CHECK!! WHAM! How'z that workin' out for ya, eh, Pharoh? Training day in the clouds.
  2. In Viet Nam, and any theater, the failure of the AIM-9B as anything more than a tactic to induce NVA to turn into my guns is prevelent...unless a US aircraft is in the picture. I have often given the AIM-9B a 5-second lock-on count to really have a track on the target, only to have my quarry turn as soon as I fire it, thus defeating it. The unreliability of the 9B (and Shafir-1) has lead to many friendly fire incidents, yet very very few NME kills. For some unknown reason, the 9B will not track NMEs, but will indiscriminately destroy friendlies without fail. It has come to the point where I will carry Falcons instead because, even though it is not a "close in weapon", I can launch and know I can get that commie-tard 80% of the time compared to 0% of the 9B. I hereby accept the responsibility for downing an American aircraft's crew, even as the fate of the crew is unknown to me. My sincere condolences to the family, if the crew was lost, and will accept court-martial with only a guilty plea. The unreliability of the AIM-9B Sidewinder has rendered me a murderer of friendly airmen, even without my direct motive to do so. SUXORS and my campaign is over.
  3. Sometimes you get to call Red Crown and they will send 4-8 fighters, sometimes they cannot. If I have an escort flight behind, I will do a 360 degree turn when bandits are 20 miles out to get the escort out front. If jumped at the target, I will ask Red Crown for help. I have armed my wingman as a fighter too if I am positive that I can kill the target. I have never been given a second flight from Red Crown when asked. Sometimes they will say there are no fighters available if I am not in imminent danger.
  4. F-100 was why I bought the game SFP1. That skin as awesome, can't wait to take it for a spin!
  5. On some maps, or some planes, using time warp causes my wingmen to crash into me, what is that about?
  6. Great review. Unfortunately, I don't have time for 10 hours of training, so I will skip all that. My favorite machines are the F-100D, F-4D, F-16C. These planes do what I expect them to do, unlike the Mirage III (which I have to come to grips with). I have flown the Lightning on several missions, and although it is likely very good, I just don't have the time to put in learning it. Your review makes me want to though...what's my next day off??
  7. XV-15

    This is AWESOME! So jelly.
  8. Most recently...Anti-runway mission, apparently I was not the only flight in the strike. A Phabulous Phantom on its way to Kim Jong's house... A few presents for the Dhimari regime This "what if" Voodoo is not terrible... From the pit of the Sabre, all I saw was the tracers going out front, I thought I was high for AAA, and so I paused to see... So I showed him how it was supposed to be done... Heres just a great shot of my 510th Buzzards F16 flying over Hanoi (I think)... I think the grey paint is good camo for city scapes... Speaking of camouflage, how about this one? And finally, a pass by the carrier before heading out for the afternoon.
  9. JAS-39C Gripen

    I have weird cockpit frames in flight.
  10. The Drop Tank Dilemma

    I struggle with loadout and consult my map in campaigns all the time about using a pylon for weapons or fuel. I began only flying from the most forward base available (not an option for RL AF ops). Something not mentioned, and I had not really thought about until I read the book, Yeager, was the use of the tanks as an incendiary device. The General and Bud Anderson in their P-51s, would drop their tanks on targets in Germany (after the escort was finished) and then strafe them to ignite the fuel! I notice that when I ask my wingman to "attack my target" they drop tanks no matter what I ask them to attack, which makes sense (but I would rather they keep them until I either tell them to drop them or not, instead of telling them to radar on/off (what is that about??)). I ALWAYS keep tanks on un-contested bomb runs and dump them in A2A depending on the opponent (F-4 vs MiG-21 = yes, F-16 vs MiG-29 = after 3 turns, F-15 vs SU-27 = YES YES SERPENTINE, SHELDON!!). Mostly it depends on how the fight goes after the missiles are gone, or useless (AIM-9B, this means you!). We have the luxury that, if we get out of the engagement area, we can warp home which uses no fuel. In RL we would tank, but the game (after 10 years) does not support that (maybe that IS what warp does?). If I drop mine, they should drop theirs, otherwise, hold on to em. What do you think?
  11. F-101 Voodoo Escort Fighter, as it was meant to be.

    Had the project succeeded, and lasted to the early 70s, how about sidewinders and sparrows? How would they be implemented?
  12. F-20 Tigershark: Risky business Part 2

    If I remember correctly, from his auto biography, Chuck Yeager loved the F-20, and is even seen in a commercial with the F-20 in the background (
  13. Madagascar, Southeast Africa (1977-2018)

    The terrain load CTD at 80%. I am using stock aircraft. I did not change FCD to 70000 as it is set at 80000. Changing FarClipDistance would not cause this, would it?
  14. Strike Fighters: Modern Combat

    On my Samsung S8+, I tried really hard to just play free. But since, unlike the PC version, we have to unlock planes with both credits and player level, I had to buy the weapons and no level restrictions (if there was a way to eliminate the timer and reload missiles....oh, man). But with just weapons, reinforcement pack 2, and the level unlock, I can now score up to 30 kills in a mission (F-15E with SDBs!). :)

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