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  1. Message System Update

    I created the .ini file and copied word for word and saved to my Mod/Flight folder. No text appears at all, which is cool. Maybe it has to do with the resolution of my screen (1920x1080x32)?
  2. Safe Emergency Landing with Traffic on the Road

    I hate when people drive slow in the fast lane! Perfect landing, and didn't block up the whole roadway! Cheers!
  3. F-16C 64th Aggressor Squadron

  4. Turkish Air Force AC-130U Spooky

    Does AI know how to execute attacks with these?
  5. There are so many great screenshots over the years, it is difficult to choose which ones really show something...dramatic, composed, a story in one shot, and thinking back on each event wishing I had more shots of that flight to tell a deeper tale. Anyway, here we go.. A little zipping around taking photos When we come across a Phlock of Phantoms so we join up and have a laugh In other news, e Japanese Defense Force F-104J found a Foxbat being a jerk and gave him whatfor. How about some Hunters escorting Stratofortresses? Successfully... or an Isreali Falcon doing something fun And at the end of the day, my favorite shots are still of the break Good times. Happy hunting!
  6. DEUCES Euro Desert Terrain

    Is this a stand-alone map, or an overwrite?
  7. Interesting beasty! I need more time to study this F-16-XL In the meantime, I will have to settle...poor me. And if things get boring... Or I can go OG, while below everything goes OMG! Ok, got a targ....HEY, WHAT THE HECK? Where did my target go?? Oh, you sneaky Hog, we had this under control! Sure ya did, pal! Sure ya did.
  8. Early in the war, we struggled to stop the chemtrails... We got in behind these carbon-emitting beasts... But the sun always seemed to be on their side The offending targets were on the radar though, so we let loose! The seekers seeked even through the countermeasures.. and we scored! And we remain free-willed and uncontrolled for another day!
  9. Korea visual update and enhancements pack

    That's not the S1.5 sky, what the heck is that ??
  10. When in the dark, you must take your time, it's a drag Up for a SLAMming good time... Something Stupid this way comes...
  11. Quick Aircraft Facts: A-10 Warthog

    The original 1-hour version of Wings on Discovery Channel that gave a full history from the need to the concept, mockup, adoption, and production of a single breed was the best program ever. Later, they showed shortened programs that just were not the in-depth documentaries like the first run show. Thanks for the share!
  12. Wild wild rides Greek Harriers?? Ever since the game "MiG Alley" these have been my favorite...love for the underdogs! Desert Sunrise Finally some Brits with taste!..Comon, it's just humor! BRAKE CHECK!! WHAM! How'z that workin' out for ya, eh, Pharoh? Training day in the clouds.
  13. In Viet Nam, and any theater, the failure of the AIM-9B as anything more than a tactic to induce NVA to turn into my guns is prevelent...unless a US aircraft is in the picture. I have often given the AIM-9B a 5-second lock-on count to really have a track on the target, only to have my quarry turn as soon as I fire it, thus defeating it. The unreliability of the 9B (and Shafir-1) has lead to many friendly fire incidents, yet very very few NME kills. For some unknown reason, the 9B will not track NMEs, but will indiscriminately destroy friendlies without fail. It has come to the point where I will carry Falcons instead because, even though it is not a "close in weapon", I can launch and know I can get that commie-tard 80% of the time compared to 0% of the 9B. I hereby accept the responsibility for downing an American aircraft's crew, even as the fate of the crew is unknown to me. My sincere condolences to the family, if the crew was lost, and will accept court-martial with only a guilty plea. The unreliability of the AIM-9B Sidewinder has rendered me a murderer of friendly airmen, even without my direct motive to do so. SUXORS and my campaign is over.
  14. Sometimes you get to call Red Crown and they will send 4-8 fighters, sometimes they cannot. If I have an escort flight behind, I will do a 360 degree turn when bandits are 20 miles out to get the escort out front. If jumped at the target, I will ask Red Crown for help. I have armed my wingman as a fighter too if I am positive that I can kill the target. I have never been given a second flight from Red Crown when asked. Sometimes they will say there are no fighters available if I am not in imminent danger.

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