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  1. When I Play This Game I Have Seen A Bug What is Jurk a Game men :( But Love this This game... This bugs are sadding me.... I have One More Bug A-7s are airbrakes are going to middle :( I opening the landing gears And I have a SUU-23 on my center Pylon oke.... I can Fire the Machine guns And Rockets :D Real Planes CAnnot do it :D and SUU-23 not give a damage my Landing gear İt's imposible İt must give a damage mine Landing Gears And Do you now I am using a just 2 bullet I can Shot the Plane Thing that you are fireng just 2 JUST 2 Just 2 Bullet and enemy Plane Not take a damage direct Blow uping heheheh Look that f***ing Bug s men What like that this game :(
  2. All times making That Men :(
  3. Guys Look That Screen Shots.... Please. I same times Using suu-23a gun pod with out to f-4 series But When I start the use Thats İt's Changeing My skin My skin is Go to bad :( How CAn I adjust this Problem :( http://rapidshare.de/files/38126711/ScreenShots.rar.html There is My Problems Screnn Shots..... :(
  4. I have One Problem Of f-104g I load the Euro tip pylon tanks because ı can Just use in tip Pylons I cant using Under the Wings Pylons :(((((
  5. That Planes When Landing THis time This Shells Are dumping huh Guys İm Saying for Like Thats Planes (A-7 f-8 f-100 f-105 and f-4e)
  6. Guysss Cmon Say This planes Ejecting to Out Of plane That Shells Or İN the One Box huh ???
  7. Napalm SO SUper Blow Uping An İt Sound So super Like A Lion Sound Napalm İs Saing: Run Away Death is comeingggg....
  8. Mine Faworite Load out ALL pylons BLU-1 Napalm Yeahhh Burn Baby burnnnn :D
  9. Yeah cgold Air fields and Objects smaller than Planes and Home-Houses Smaller Than MEn :D
  10. I now I now That I wanna Close this shake problem I Know fly by the f1 :)
  11. HOW CAN I CLOSE this Some time I must Fly the f5 view How can I close that ???
  12. f-100 ejecting MAchine guns shell out of the plane or İn the Machine gun box ??
  13. File Name: F-104G Starfighter Turkis NATO Skin File Submitter: Lovlovyer File Submitted: 17 Dec 2007 File Updated: 7 Feb 2008 File Category: SF Century Series Skins F-100/F-101/F-102/F-104/F-105/F-106 File Version: No Information Website: No Information Add this Skin On your f-104g Doc and Go to fly... Good fly Guys... Click here to download this file
  14. Just Say man f-100 and a-7 f-105 f-8u ejecting or not ejectiing On air İn the Real Wrodl I wanna now that :D
  15. No ı Just Load the Gun pods I load Patch And when I fire the Machine guns My Plane is Going back a little I push the f5 and fireng machine guns my plane going a littleback But ı push the f6 or f8 my plane not going back :) Thats Good I wanna Close Going back Problem.

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