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  1. Eagle Dynamics DCS Series Summer Sale

    This is good news, I've been waiting for a sale. I think that I will get the Huey and perhaps FC3 so that I can finally have every title under the DCS World envirionment. I been with the Flanker/LOMAC/FC series since its Flanker beginnings, and I have purchased each iteration of it since. I was put off at the list price for FC3 upon release. But now I might endulge.
  2. It's been a long time

    Hello all, It's been a while since I've been here or posted for that matter. Just wanted to drop a line and say that the site looks great!! Keep up the good job Fates and Crew! BirdDogg.
  3. any one know a good adware program?

    Thanks for the info guys, I went and did the SP2 update and got the other recommended adware and toolbar. I got firefox, but i'm kinda forced to you ie for work. anyway everythings working good now. Again thanks for the help. BirdDogg.
  4. any one know a good adware program?

    I'm there thanks Buff BirdDogg.
  5. any one know a good adware program?

    Hey guy, can anyone recommed a good popup ad program? I am currently using STOPZILLA and so far it's pretty good, but it's only an evaluation copy. i went to best buys, and theres a tone of software out there in all the various price ranges 29.00 thru 89.00. before my eval time expires, can some one recommend a package that dosen't break the bank but does a decent job? Thanks in advance BirdDogg.
  6. U.S. Marine Corp

    Yes Nesher, The Marines are a Department of the Navy. Our Budget is directly attached to thiers. I was an active Marine for 6 years. The history goes way way back as far as Marines serving on ships as security forces. Check out the Movie Masters and Commanders and you'll see a good portrayal of the historic role of a Marine. BirdDogg.
  7. Looks like he'll be heading down my way (near NAS Solomans Island) to hook-up with C.J Martin. Good Luck Matt, I'm sure Eagle Dynamics will take it from here. BirdDogg.
  8. A Marine And A College Professor....

    That made my morning Chief., Thanks for the laugh BirdDogg.
  9. Kerry Wins Support Of North Korea

    Hey I'm in the US, and I don't care who becomes president My vote is for none of the above! :D BirdDogg.
  10. It's offial on UBI Softs forum here's the link for the US version. http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ubisof...ated=1073402739 Happy Hunting B) BirdDogg
  11. Well, I was frustrated with this Sim for a minute or two, (FPS, General Performance, Lack of New-ness as compared to Flanker 2.5). However; l've managed to get it tweaked a little better. I had an amazing Cap\Dogfight with a flight F-16s (my wing, flying the Mig-29S) last night over the mountain region, using short range missles and Guns. (Love the terrain masking feature!). What a blast!, my average skilled wingie wasn't much help, so I started using him as pop-up bait for some Nap of the Earth type bracket maneuvers :D , But an excellent CAP\DogFight none-the-less. (Oh the nugget AI survived BTW). This was pretty exciting for mixed reasons; first, LOMAC actual suspended reality with no noticable stutter, for the first time (I felt, I was there :) ; second-ly, I'm more of an Iron Hand\Strike Mission kinda guy, but found myself totally engrossed with my flight and flight management. I think next I'll add some SAMs to the same senerio. So, although LOMAC needs a patch, (like thats News :D ) and some additional aircraft would be nice, I see a good future for this one. Though I never bashed it, I still gotta eat alittle crow for shelving it earlier. BirdDogg. BirdDogg.
  12. Quick question: Re-installing SFP1, does Service Pack 2 contain fixes of the first patch? Or, should I install the patches in the order of release? Thanx in advance BirdDogg
  13. Happy New Year!!!

    And right back at ya Dutchy!! Happy New Year to All!! :D BirdDogg
  14. Right on Seawolf, Nice New Year's gift TK, I hope this thing is worth the wait Happy New Year Folks! BirdDogg.

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