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  1. Help with landing, mission 9

    I wish I did (but unfortunately I don't), and I've certainly found that trying to land by instruments was a nightmare in futility. Others tell me it's practice, practice, practice...
  2. Help with landing, mission 9

    I also had difficulties landing and started a thread on Nov. 28 asking for assistance. Here's the link: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=23666 Take a look at post #4 where Platinum Rogue kindly provided a link to a Download Tutorial. Believe me, once you read that you'll know exactly what to do, and best of all, it works!! Good luck.
  3. FALCON 4 and Vista?

    Short answer: Yes Longer answer: I have Vista 32-bit and I've been playing it fine. No issues.
  4. TrackIR with Falcon

    So it works in the 2D view as well? I thought it only worked in the padlock view. Interesting.
  5. TrackIR with Falcon

    Hi, has anyone used TrackIR with Falcon 4 and would you recommend it? Any of the reviews I've read speak very highly of it, but it would be good to get the opinion of someone on this forum who's actually used it. It's expensive, but is it worth it?
  6. Is 16:9 resolution supported?

    Go to the Graphics tab in the Setup menu and select a 16:9 mode.
  7. new guy with real life question

    If your offer is sincere that would be incredibly nice of you. I didn't know, however, that AF allows you to network to the same plane? Is that what you mean?
  8. new guy with real life question

    I'm also a newbie (as you can tell by all the recent posts I've done) and I've just been slowly going through the manual lesson by lesson, printing out the relevant pages as I've needed them. That being said, however, if there was already a printed manual out there somewhere I'd be interested in knowing as well.
  9. 20mm Cannon Sounds

    This makes a lot of sense now. If a machine gun is spitting out thousands of rounds per minute I can see why it sounds more like a "brrrrr" sound as opposed to a "rat-a-tat-tat" sound. Thanks!
  10. Dogfighting mode

    So you're saying that in a real F-16 there's a switch on the throttle used to call up the "dogfight" mode? Cool. I'm using a MS Sidewinder joystick so I suppose I could map the function to one of the buttons as well, if it helped to emulate a real HOTAS. Good to know, and thanks!
  11. Dogfighting mode

    The manual says that to go into dogfighting mode and use the 20mm guns I should press "D". It then shows up at "DGFT" with "EEGS" beside it in the MFD. 1. Can I choose this mode by using an actual button in the cockpit? If so, how? 2. Does pressing "A-A" button in the cockpit achieve the same thing? I'd like to fly the plane as realistic as possible so I'd prefer to use the "A-A" button instead, or the equivalent cockpit button for "D". Thanks!
  12. Radar: Simple Question

    Thank you! You wouldn't believe how much that info helps. ;)
  13. Radar: Simple Question

    Hi, on page 89 of the manual there's a paragraph that states "Just to the right of the cursors are two small numbers arranged vertically. These numbers show the top and bottom altitude of the bar scan at that cursor range." A graphical example of that is shown in Figure 13-8. My question is, do these numbers represent "hundreds" or "thousands" of feet? I assume the latter but would appreciate confirmation. Thanks!
  14. 20mm Cannon Sounds

    Thanks! If that sound is realistic then I won't change anything. I want everything as realistic as possible.
  15. 20mm Cannon Sounds

    Hi, does anyone know if the sounds of the game can be changed? To be honest, the sound of the 20mm cannon sounds like somebody farting. I can't believe this is what those guns really sound like!

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