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  1. A walking UAV. Why?

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier!
  2. Aha! That did it... finally found it. Sorry, I thought I had thoroughly searched the site, but I must have glazed right over it. Many thanks, Gentlemen! I apologize for my ignorance.
  3. I appreciate the help, but those are all the 'newer' Crusaders the MF released. They were re-done a few years ago with new higher poly-count and higher rez skins than their original ones, which they have since taken down. That's why I was asking if anyone had the OLD ones still on their hard drives somewhere...
  4. Yep, I looked through all the DL's here, that's why I'm asking...
  5. All, As the topic states, I am hoping someone still has (or knows where I can find) the original MF F-8E before they released the current version. I know it was included in the old Operation Tainted Cigar mod, all of which I've lost over the past few years of HD crashes and such. I'd like the older model because I run SFP1 on an older system and the lower poly count model didn't bog things down so much. I know I'm probably shooting in the dark, but any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Ramp
  6. Thanks for the help, DQ! I found the line for cloud detail in the options ini and dropping it to the lowest value has certainly helped in my standard SF2E install, but like you said, with the number of flights in the ODS campaign im still watching a slideshow. My system is a Toshiba laptop running Vista, and I was able to find and install a version of DX10 for it, but I didn't notice any substantial difference in framerates afterwards. So for now, I'll just be happy playing SF2E again, but at a decent (as far as I'm used to!) FPS of 20-30. Again, much appreciated, and all you modders are still doing amazing work! Cheers, Ramp
  7. Hello all! I've been away from sims for a while, and just yesterday fired up a new install of SF2E with the ODS package. I must say that it is an awesome package, and I am really looking forward to getting back into it! I did notice, however, that my poor 6-year old laptop is struggling a bit, and as I can't afford an upgrade for some forseeable time, I need a little help. In order to be able to fly with any useable framerates, I have all of my graphics set to Low, and I still get somewhere in the low teens for framerate. I do notice, however, that even at the lowest settings, there are still tons of volumetric clouds in the sky, and my framerates take an even bigger hit (down to single digits sometimes!) when the clouds are on the screen. Is there a way to turn off the volumetric clouds in an .ini somewhere? I searched the Knowledge Base, but no topics came up for 'clouds', so I'm asking here. I'd be just fine with the clear skies/solid overcast options from the early days of the SF series... Much thanks, Gents (and Ladies?)! And again, amazing job on the ODS mod to all where were involved... brings back some fond memories of being a 19 year-old Marine deployed to the Gulf. Cheers, Rampstrike
  8. As the topic states, can engine smoke be turned off? Is it tied to a specific Graphics setting, or is in an .ini edit? And I have the same question for the volumetric clouds. I'm running SF2:E with the NF4+ pack and the new MF Tomcat (which is balls, by the way! Thanks to everyone involved!) but I'm using an older laptop and it seems like the clouds and smoke really kill my framerates, which as you know, can mean death in combat! I like the current level of detail (mostly set to Medium, except Mirrors, Shadows, and Water set to Low/None), so if I can remove the smoke and/or clouds without having to change it, that would be preferred. Thanks for any help, gents! Cheers, Ramp
  9. Hmm... well, thanks Eric, I now have the 27k Mavericks and the 5000k Nuke available, but no cluster AGM's or AAM's. I did look at each .ini for each weapon and noticed that all of them (except the Maverick) were listed as 'Israel' for the nationality. I changed them all to 'USAF', but still no go in game. Also, I noticed that upon opening your .rar file that all of the weapons (again, except for the Maverick) show as being '0 kb' for the compressed size. However, once I copied all the weapons to their appropriate place, each folder seemed to have all the necessary files present (.LOD, .ini, .bmp files, etc...). Something wierd is going on or I'm missing something really basic... -Ramp
  10. Dude! This bird is seriously wicked! It's totally the 21st century stealth version of the Tomcat! Simply beautiful plane, and the cockpit is awesome, too. Only one problem... none of the weapons are available in-game. I placed all files as per usual SF2 guidelines, and the weapon folders are indeed present in the objects/Weapons folder, but no joy at the weapons selection screen. is there an .ini edit necessary? There was no readme file with this download... Also, is it actually stealthy in-game? One would assume from its shape that it would be, but curious if bad guys will have a hard time locking me up, since the only few missions I flew didn't have any air opposition present. Thanks again! I think this is my few favorite modern/alternate/fictional aircraft, even without any weapons! :) Cheers, Ramp
  11. Confederations Cup

    It was a good match. I have to be honest, our second goal was the best counterattack I have EVER seen a USA team put together, and Landon's finish was superb. Seriously, to have played like they have in this tournament gives me hope for American soccer... You could see that the team really wants to win, not just earn respect. In time, I think they'll do both. Unfortunately, in this game, Brazil just had too many weapons for us to stop for the full 90 minutes. Congrats to Brazil for a deserved win. Watch out for the USA whenever we get players who can hold the ball a bit more under pressure in midfield! Cheers, Ramp
  12. Confederations Cup

    Holy Crap!! I'm a HUGE soccer fan, and I always (often painfully) pull for the good ol' Red, White, and Blue, but even I didn't see this happening. Hoped, yes... but seriously? This is HUGE! Not quite the same as the 1980 Olympic hockey team, but still! And it's not like the Spaniards were playing their scrubs, either... just look at the lineup they used! Awesome win, guys... THAT is how we need to play in South Africa next year. With heart and passion. Go USA!! -Ramp
  13. Hmm... sounds like an option for single missions, but I mainly fly campaigns and I don't see an option for that save for "Campaign Difficulty" which is set to Easy already. I'm assuming it's in the Campaign_Data.ini, but I don't know where. Ramp
  14. Not trying to make it easier on myself, just trying to stop combat over North Vietnam from turning into a single-digit framerate slideshow on my system. I seem to recall there being an .ini edit that reduced the number of SAMs firing to help this, but darned if I can remember what it was or where to find it. And yes, I used the search function and the KB but nothing came up. Any help is appreciated! Cheers, Ramp
  15. Thanks, Dave! Canadair sent me one all packaged up, but when I tried it, I only had a gun reticle in the HUD, no working radar, and my available weapons in the loadout screen was really wierd (No AIM-7's, no Mk 80-anythings, but I had 'Flash Bombs'?). I hope yours works better! Thanks again, Ramp

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