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  1. so i can download it right away an play there isnt a program needed correct
  2. Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam is its own program its not an update where you need the original to run it is it? Also has the dogfighting improved, how well does the phatom manuveur now?
  3. I finally fixed the cockpit transparent problem I run FC as an admin instead of just running it. But the problem with the program alwyas crashes is still there why? Is there a fix for that?
  4. Yes I checked for updates and there up todate.
  5. I did install the 1.12b patch, along with some sort of Star Force Driver update but now the cockpits are translucent and the planes apppear white, what's up with that?
  6. I don't know why but onc I got my new gaming computer about a week ago I finally installed LOMAC. But itwon't take FC because it won't run on VISTA. And whenever I try to change the controls or key commands it never changes it stays the same. And one thing that buggs me is I'll be in the middle of a missio and the entire game will shut down and windows will say LOMAC is having a problem it will have to close. Does anybody know a solution to these problems? I've installed the 1.10 and 1.02 patches. Also whenever I try to com plete a mission what I do is not follow the waypoints but get vectored to the nearest bandit, and even when I take out all the enemy aircraft i still fail. is it due to not following the waypoints? How do you get SUCCESS in a LOMAC mission?
  7. When ever I download a file from flankertraining.com it always appears as a zip file. But inside is nothing but audio. How do i install these files to see the mission? I tried it with modman and it failed. Can someone tell me I've heard they're really helpful.
  8. I downloaded from Lockonfiles.com F/A-18 flyable ver1.02 and installed it. But I forgot to back up the Su33 files so now every SU-33 is an F-18 with too many missiles. I thought deleting the textures would do it but apparently not. Is there a way to bring back the SU-33? I tried uninstall reinstall (didn't work) also tried adding FC didn't is she gone forever?
  9. If you install the TOP GUN mod then where in the game do you find a tomcat and where is the mission? Also can the tomcat be flown with any mission taking the place of an eagle?
  10. The LOMAC version I have right now is v.1.02 ( Idon't know if that is FC I have LOMAC gold but didn't install FC so is this version FC) and is there a playable F-14? I've seen many videos of people flying them btu i don't know where to find it and how to install it? I tried LOMAN it wouldn't register it? Any suggestions I'd really like to be a Cat driver other than an Eagle. bUt if I download and install the cat will the eagle disappear?
  11. But do you think relaseing chaff. and flares right before impact is the wqay to do it along with turning away and not into?
  12. You know one thing I'm noticing is that I release the chaff/flares too early . When the enemy fires a missile i release them immediately, but the missile hasn't seen thewm yet. So I tried release right before they hit me and it WORKED! They flew right past me I guess cause they saw the flares. i was in about a 190 degree right turn downward away from the missile. It seems when i break into them they hit me but when it's away fom them they miss cause they see the chaff and flares. Does this eem to be a good type of tactic? Also who flies with the labels on is it better to or not to and not see your targets label and know where it is.
  13. When you sya rpeat do you mean releasse chaff/flares then break hard 90 to the right or left depending on where the missile is. Also the fights mainly take place at 12 or 2 o clock. So you're sayingget out of burner then break into or away from the missile and then if you are under 350 use God's G to pull your speed back up? ARe there any manuevers that can evade it ?
  14. Once I see a missile come off the plane I then start turning. But I'm not turning by mind (as in know what I'm doing). I'm turning to try and evade the missile while popping out chaff and flares. And I am mainly in burner all the time.
  15. When ever I play LOMAC I always have fun. Butthere is a big disadvantage and annoyance I'm having. That is that I believe I don't know very many defensive bfm missile manuevers. I will have an Su-33 at my 2 o clock low and a MIG-29 at my 8 o clock high and the mIG will fire at me so I break into the missile sometimes it hits me other times not. then I'm out of position for a kill on either of them but the SU-33 then fires and shoots me down. It annoys me that I can't evade missiles. I rarely play it on Immortal, but can anybody suggest anything out there for some help in beating this?

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