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  1. Ok, I did not know that , Thanks I made 3 missions and I delete them because of that, now I have to remake them
  2. The bip sound is the sound that the radar makes when someone lock or release a missile to you When there is a missile coming towards you, there is a green light to inform you (plus the bip sound), in my mission dogfights there isn't any green light/Sound........
  3. Hi, I tried to make my own mission by using the KMD editor, I read the tutorial and build my (carrier) mission as I want it to be, by using one of the Israel maps. But When I go ingame, and I am in a dogfight I can not hear ( the bip sound) or watch in the cockipt the enemy lock......only my wingman says that someone have lock me.. after secs I am killed. My fighters are F-16 Blk 50/52 (Hellenic) while the enemy planes are F-16 Blk 15 OCU-BAF (Belgium)......during 1995 is this happen because both Nations are Friendly in the Nation.ini (?) is this happen because both use the same weapons like AIM-9L (?) Please help me..... (1.Also can someone explain me how the chance part in the editor works, whats the difference btn 100% and 50%, the tutorial confused me) (2. Except of the lock problem my mission works fine) (3. If this is a double post, give me the link of the previous one)
  4. Thanks mate, When u need any help or you are ready for test send me a pm :yes:
  5. You can use as begin of your hypothetical modern story with the Imia Incindent during 1996 (3 dead greek helicopter pilots/crew) The dogfights in Aegean are becoming famous during the last years...the last deadly dogfight was last year (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/5010736.stm).....so in a way both countries are in "war"....(the stupid hotheaded people of one part want to kill the other stupid hotheadeded people of the other side, while the common people of both parts are in the middle) (Greek Vs Turkish Fighter) (Turkish Vs Greek Fighter) (Aegean Vipers) Well if you need any infos, happy to help you
  6. I am really sorry then , I thought it was a mistake in the data.ini of the fighter....
  7. edit, wrong in my English, sorry!
  8. Very nice model :yes: But every time I Jettison my Fuel Tank, its that is happened but when I go to external view, the tank is still on the fighter Is thatha bug of the model or I did it something wrong I insert the weapons, without problem. I even try with different Fuel Tanks from other fighter but still the same is happening Is there any way I can correct that ?
  9. Wrench Thank you Thank you I make what u said and it is woriking at last I can use my own pilot skins ingame ----------------- }{answer to moderator ON }{ As correctly you said, the original skin is not mine! I just edit/repaint it for personal use and I just decide to show it (nothing more nothing less in that) If someone likes the design he can spend 20 min of his free time to make it through photoshop (it's easy) Is unrespectful for the people who work/spend time, to release something which is not yours }{answer to moderator OFF}{ -------------
  10. Hi again My previous questions (2 and 3) were answered (thanks again), but still I have trouble with the first one which is editng a pilot..... well I found out that if you want to enter a new enter pilot in your aircraft, very simple go to objects/aircraft select the fighter type you want then open the fighter-data.ini file, go to crew and change the name in the line PilotModelName=xxxx (where x you place the name of the pilot.bmp, which you can find in your aircraft folder) If you want to change the skin of an existing pilot, very simple you paint it and replace it with the old one. My question is how you can enter an new one ???? I tried the below For example my skin is called F-16_Pilot225 I paint the .bmp file I fix a new .ini file like this [LOD001] Filename=F-16_Pilot225.LOD Distance=200 [LOD002] Filename=F-16_Pilot225-001.LOD Distance=600 [LOD003] Filename=F-16_Pilot225-002.LOD Distance=1000 and I name the same .ini file (F-16_Pilot225) Then I copy them and rename the old 3 .LOD Files and 1. OUT file with my new name.... and I copy paste all these in my aircraft folder Finally I change the fighter-data.ini the PilotModelName=F-16_Pilot225 But this is not working!! I still see the old one ingame Is something to do with the .LOD files ? If yes how to edit them, I tried it with the Cygnus Hex Editor but I can not understan how is working If my (above)method is correct what else do I have to change in order to enter a new pilot ? (sorry for my english) btw this is one of the skins I want to enter {image removed by Kaizer's request as an anti-piracy move} http://img479.imageshack.us/img479/3264/f1...tcopyhj5.th.jpg[/img][/url]
  11. Badfrank I use the one I found in an addon plane, the file name called F-16_Pilot. The plane which I want to put them is for the F-16C Block 52 Any kind I found in a skin...... kukulino, thanks for the help mate I have download both weapons packs but I have not merge them, I just install them. I will give it ,a try to merge them, because for some reason i can not see the pheonix missiles bibbolicious, thanks I will donwload it As I said, I tried to make a similar ones but it became more fantastic than real may be becasue I tried using similar templates from the downloading sector, for example 343 HAF Squadron (like in the above photos) 341 HAF Squadron (I know there are not good, not at all real) Btw Thanks all for the welcoming this is my first flight sim I find it very nice, thats why I decide to try modding it (I prefer the navy than the airforce, I do not know many thinks about Air Fighters, but I can tell u everything about the type 209 (1100-1200) & 214 submarines )
  12. Hi to all, I am new in the game and in the forum, I have three questions witch I need your help in the modding area First, if you paint a new pilot, which file you need to change in order to see him in the plane ? I have paint two pilots (still they need some work), but I can not see them in my plane (external view). Second is anyone interested to paint an F-16C Block 52 for the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) ?, I tried but I can not do the painting part (I have done the tail,wing etc badges), is quite difficult, see the below photos Third when I download plane skins there are some new weapons or weapons with the appropriate colour, how Iinsert them in the game or in which folder do I put them ? BTW thanks to all people for the models and the skins you have made , Makes WOE more interesting :yes: I anyone can help to my above questions me will be great for me......

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