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  1. Launch Authorised

    A Su-33 fires after receiving the launch authorisation tone:
  2. Launch Authorised

    Thanks Wilbus, all shots from LOMAC 1.02 using Photoshop CS to edit with some downloaded brushes, filters and 1 or 2 flaming pear filters.
  3. Site Logo Contest

    Spent quite a bit of time on this, I tried to theme it with LOMAC/FC and upcoming BF2. Also trying to maintain the green border on the original. .PSD handy. Good Luck. IC EDIT: Will do a logo of the sort too as I seem to have been mislead.
  4. "Brothers"

    Nice shot, I like the glare on the nearerst aircraft's cockpit window.
  5. Launch Authorised

    Cheers bob.
  6. Eject

    An A-10 Warthog is smashed by a Russian Su-33's missile:
  7. "Four Forty Sevens"

    Nice shot bob, a great showcase of some fine skins. The endless supply of backdrops amazes me
  8. Missile Away

    F-15 launches sidewinder.
  9. Mig Impact

    A Mig gets blown apart as the pilots try to escape:
  10. Busy Runway

    A C-130 awaits for two A-10's to line up for take-off while a blackhawk sits on the turf.
  11. Need for Speed

    Stunning shot, how lucky we brits are.
  12. Random Again

    Nice selection of shots USAFMTL
  13. A-10 Warthogs

    Two A-10 Warthogs return to base in the beauty of a sunset, LOMAC.
  14. A-10 Warthogs

    thanks raptor, much appreciated!
  15. Warrior and Wolfpack

    Great job on getting it to look almost identical.
  16. C-130 Ambush

    A C-130 is ambushed by two Su-27 Flankers, all from LOMAC.
  17. C-130 Ambush

    Thanks, yes, this is one of my favourite edits.
  18. A-10 Warthogs

    Cheers bob, thanks for the welcome over here.

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