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  1. So I downloaded the latest Windows10.iso, from MS, mounted the image then ran setup. I followed the process for "updating" the operating system (as a repair install) and selected "Keep personal files and apps". Nervous 20 minutes or so while it ran through the "update" but once done, everything was still there and working (except for Strike Fighters 2 obviously.... ) On the point of giving up when I tried closing some small apps that are running the background. When I closed a program called Simply Sticky Notes (this is not the Sticky Notes app included with WIndows 10 but a freeware program), SF2 decided it would run! I don't know why this program would not allow SF2 to stay open. Hope it will still run again tomorrow. Time to download and install some mods! A big thank you to MigBuster for the advice and suggestions!
  2. Looking at Windows 10 Reset option, it looks as if I'd have to reinstall all of my applications/programs. All of the games are on separate drives but I believe I'd still have to reinstall most of them to get the file/location associations correct. That's something I'd probably try to avoid - would take me many hours/days to get it back to what it is now. I've got a copy of Windows 7 sitting around doing nothing. Perhaps I'll get another SSD and dual boot the PC. Other than that I may have to give up on SF2 until I build another PC in a few years time! Thank you for your suggestions MigBuster. At least I know I have tried all of the options.
  3. Right click gives options: Strikefighters.exe Shortcut - which I assume is the program running Pin to taskbar Close Window When you select the top one it attempts to "open" the program, flashes a few times on screen then goes straight back to the taskbar. MigBuster: Thank you for all the ideas. I've spent several hours today, as well as some time yesterday so going to give up for the day. Will have another go after the weekend when I get back from a trip.
  4. All 4 do exactly the same. Setting in the profile is Preferred Max performance and vsync off - I have a G-SYNC monitor. Have now tried gamebar settings off. Still the same.
  5. There are the 5 uninstall .exe files. 4 games plus the combo uninstall. SF2 is installed on a 2TB partition (dedicated to games)o f a 6TB drive.
  6. Game Mode is disabled - has been for most of my tests. Tried turning off the Anti Virus. No other malware program running at the moment. I have Samsung Magician installed but it does not run at startup and have checked in Task Manager to make sure it isn't running. There was a profile in NVIDIA Control Panel which I have removed and added again. No change..... :-(
  7. Hello MigBuster Thank you for the response. No error messages unfortunately - that might have given me something to investigate. I have tried deleting the .ini files and also all of the folders under Saved Games. No difference.It doesn't look like it is to do with creating the Saved Games folders. NVIDIA profiles? Is that in the NVIDIA Control Panel or in Profile Inspector? In either they are similar and the only changes I have made is to turn vsync off. I tried running StrikeFighters2.exe after each stage of the above install and it worked up to and including stage 2. I say "worked " but there was still one CTD with the icon left on the taskbar which when selected then appeared to run with all of the correct graphics settings for my monitor (2560x1440). This was the same for all four variants of the game. Stage 3 reproduces the problem. The annoying thing is I have had them all running well with the latest patch (2013) loaded in the past year. The problem I have is that the game CTD but appears to be open on the taskbar and when you select it the game CTD taskbar again.
  8. Hello Hopefully I'm not hijacking this post but I have the same problem. Tried to play SF2 after several months away but am now getting CTD within seconds of opening the program. I have SF2, SF2 Europe, Israel and Vietnam. Not NA yet - was going to buy it. Nor do I have the Expansion Packs. It was working on my Win10 Home PC with absolutely no problems until now. There have been several GPU driver updates and mainly a Win10 update to 1809. I have tried: 1) reinstalling several times on different drives with and without AV disabled. 2) All of the different compatibility modes, with and without Running as administrator and Disabling full-screen optimisations. 3) Rolled back my NVIDIA drivers to various early 2018 versions. I am installing from downloaded files based on the following process I found on the web (not sure if it was here or the Thirdwire forum site before it closed) ages ago - it has always worked for me before for new PC installations. 1. Install the original 2009 combo – SF2_combo09_web_setup.exe 2. Strike Fighters 2 Israel Jun 2010 Update – SF2I_update_Jun2010.exe 3. Strike Fighters 2 series May 2011 Update – SF2_update_May2011.exe 4. then run – SF2_update_Mar2012.exe 5. followed by the latest update – currently - SF2_update_Jul2013 Any ideas would be appreciated before I give up on this excellent game.

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