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  1. Biologic Contacts in North Atlantic

    I admit I used "Show Truth" - because you never get a whale in 3d view otherwise (it always shows as shrimp, when you classify it as biologic)... To get the solution, I hid truth and showed it again for the screenshots... I wanted to get a good capture of it *hrhr* EDIT: Naaah, I didn't ram it *lol*
  2. A Snake in the AO

    I agree. *BWUHAHAHA*
  3. Etrich A.II (Fd) Taube AC3D Files at hand...

    Nevermind, I sent you the file anyway =)
  4. Biologic Contacts in North Atlantic

    I'm vegetarian, and anti-speciecist, and I admit that I was ashamed after I did it... but I had to try! (It's only a sim after all)
  5. Etrich A.II (Fd) Taube AC3D Files at hand...

    Aw... I don't have 3DS max, the only exporter plugins I used were X-Plane exporters for AC3D, and all animation I did was rotate transforms... don't even know if there is a move transform for X-Plane format... so my post is really out of desperate hope someone will find my Taube useful as his next FE project - after I was greatly amazed about all the early birds flying in the forum... the Moranes, the Pfalz's, the Farmans..
  6. Etrich A.II (Fd) Taube AC3D Files at hand...

    I don't know anything about the FE aircraft object formats and possibilities... therefore I just offer my 3D files to anyone willing to investigate...
  7. Etrich A.II (Fd) Taube AC3D Files at hand...

    Actually, you can circumvent the impossibility by splitting the wing tips into a finite number of ailerons. The trick I used on the X-Plane version of the Taube was simply the prolonged wingtip to move around an area and make the wires move with roll input... that takes attention away from the foul "warperons" ;-)
  8. Etrich A.II (Fd) Taube AC3D Files at hand...

    Thanks for the welcoming! If you want to have a look at the cockpit without having X-Plane installed or the AC3D files sent to you, you may just download the file from x-plane.org and have a look at the manual.jpg... it gives you a good impression of what the plane's cockpit looks like and how the switches and handles were operated. Important warning here... I haven't seen a single detailed cockpit photograph of this plane... all I did was derive the cockpit layout from descriptions and outside photographs. So realism _may_ not be applied according to the interior.
  9. Hello all, I'm totally new in this forum, since I only today bought FE, and after few minutes of tweaking joystick config, I bought FE Exp1... Well... I'm mostly into early WWI birds, and wanted to let the people here know that if someone was interested to create an Austro-Hungarian Taube aeroplane, he can have all the AC3D files he will need from my X-Plane 8.50 version. Have a look at the aircraft, it may need some refinement for the quality of First Eagles: Etrich A.II Series 72 (Fd) Taube

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