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  1. Getting briefed out

    Do you got Windows vista?? and test to reinstall the game
  2. What do you mean whit that want a link of it or what?? Here is the link of all Modern aircraft http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...&showcat=73
  3. if it gona been released 08 then im the first one in the world wo gona buy it :P(if i got the money) im a big fan of sim i play microsoft simulation Serie i got all of their serie and i got forgotten battles :P
  4. Just go on Download and then choose third wires download cat then press at airplanes then modern -.- thére you get all Modern airplanes =)
  5. Hehe ^^ i love to sabotage airplanes thats on runway ^^ or on battlefield2 put a c4 on heli and run in to on a another heli and jump from it and BOOM IT HAPPENS WHIT C4 and airplanes just put c4 and w8 for a noob go on it then press left mouse AND CHICKA BAMBAM BOOOM \^^/. Cant a modder make a tank thats can destroy Airplanes ^^
  6. Hi guys its me again its boring to wait to night and i see much ppl is online now but not playing so i wounder wo want to play now then go to my HAM network Network:wingmate Pass:wingmate i play this game allways so if your GMT+1 then im online from 12.00pm to 6-9pm =) Get in and we play WOE :D no hyperlobby Edit:i only have a cleaninstall no airplanes or other stuff so please tell me what for airplanes you got and i download them =) I can host We maby can play Co/op if 8players is on
  7. LOL if a tank's Main gun fire at the airplane i think you'r dead in 5sec ^^
  8. TELL ME PLEASE coman tell me if its GMT+1 3.00AM then im there ^^ i can play 24/7 in holidays-.-
  9. Can you say in GMT+1?? im from sweden and are 13years OLD :P
  10. Ok sir. Sorry for making you Mad and sorry for been rude
  11. Your server is full Please kick offline ppl ^^
  12. OK please somebody tell me when you guys gona play online and how and where
  13. 9ppl have looked and you guys dont know where you guys play online wtff...

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