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  1. I've managed to mess up my install of NF. Could someone please list the loadout ini's for all Mig 21's and Su 15's used? Thanks
  2. In 1948-1949 the German Military was completely disbanded. It wouldn't be rearmed until about a decade later, so you may want to nix the Luftwaffe given the scenario. :yes: I believe the French AF was flying Corsairs and late model P38's at the time. Also, the East Bloc system was just being put into place so the contribution of future PACT countries would be pretty minimum. You may want to look into Lex Luthors A-Bomb effects pack as both sides would probably use their stockpiles early given the existing nuclear doctrines, although chances are good that they would be used on strategic targets outside the scope of the scenario. Looking forward to this.
  3. Works like a charm. Haven't made up my mind about the AAM effect yet. I kind of like it (especially at night) Thanks, for me it's the little things that make SFP1 fun.
  4. It seems Capun is persona non grata .....as a result, I can't find his files for this campaign (CingKuo, Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates, Mi24 addon) What to do? :helpsmilie: Thanks for your time and help
  5. Thanks for the fixes. Going to give this a go after class today.
  6. Anyone else having trouble DL'ing the static aircraft?

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