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  1. Comrade Jeremiah, those were imperialistic Capitalist pig-dogs you intercepted. They were probably smuggling vodka and mail-order brides out of Mother Russia, or planning on landing a cargo of Levis, rock albums, and Budweisers in Red Square to undermine the integrity of the Soviet Worker Class. The least you could have given them was an R-73 with a side order of 30mm.
  2. Just wanted to thank the Mirage Factory for releasing these fabulous Fulcrums. I've been drooling over the teaser pics for over a year now, and the wait was more than worth it.
  3. India sinks Somali pirate ship

    I just had an idea for how to deal with modern-day piracy. I don't know how well this would work, or the legalities of it, but what about bringing back some old trick from the World Wars: the Q-ship? Have the navy purchase a few merchant ships and arm them. The guns could be hidden in the hold or behind containers on deck. Then sail them through pirate-infested waters. When the pirates show up, drop the covers on the guns and let them have it. Rinse, wash and repeat as necessary.
  4. Looking good, Veltro. Of course, it'll look better after it catches a Sparrow... Or Pheonix, AMRAAM, Sidewinder, Genie, or 20mm! (After all, it's the season for giving)
  5. 1: Su-27 2: F-15 3: A-10
  6. Try adding this line to the underwing pylons. SpecificStationCode=AA7
  7. Not getting my @ss handed to me all the time by the new AI would be a nice start...
  8. Sweet teaser, Fubar, and just in time for my birthday. Thanks
  9. Sept 11th 2001

  10. That's just cruel, man. Dangling that Fulcrum in front of us like that...
  11. So what do you fly?

    I spend most of my time in Marcfighter's Su-27.
  12. I've been wanting a Fencer for WOE ever since I started playing. It may be a bit early, but thank you veltro2k for making one. It's looking good.
  13. Which version of the Fencer are you working on?
  14. Awesome work, and a great pit.
  15. Man keeps daughter captive in cellar for 24 years

    Sickening. This bastard deserves the worst fate imaginable. A chainsaw lobotomy, impalement, crucifixion, drawing and quartering... nothing can be called cruel and unusual with this kind of pervert.

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