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  1. The WWI Dawn Patrol Rendezvous will be held in 2011 at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. Tried to link the page but it didn't work right. Maybe google WWI Dawn Patrol Rendezvous It's worth a read.
  2. Behind and right sounds about right. Most anything else seems to be a waste of ammo. F6 is default cockpit view by the way, but thanks.
  3. Ati & cfs3config

    Just a comment on making adjustments to improve performance. I've followed real world Formula 1, Indy and Gtp auto racing for years as well as raced radio control Unlimited Hydro boats and RC cars. The FIRST lesson to be learned is only make ONE change at a time, then do a test run to see what if any changes there are. That is a golden rule unless you have solid settings information that would would suggest making more than one change.
  4. One advantage i have being a newbie is i get to try every ac in the game (grin). Heck i even manage not to get shot down or crash in some of them. The other day i was fighting a flight of Albs and had labels on. I was really engrossed in getting one off my tail when another one flashed across my front. I hit right rudder and let loose with a volley and tagged him good in the cockpit. Darn luckly shot it was. Got a quick glimpse of his name as it burst into flames and rolled over into a dive. The last name was Goring ! Hmm was that THE man himself. Didn't catch the first name it was over so fast and i still had the other hun on my 6. Managed to escape when a mate made a run at him.
  5. I'll be flying the Bristol some more in the near future. Here is a pic i found of a Camel cockpit. What are the two levers? Surely they are not the gun triggers? They seem to some way be connected to the guns.
  6. Bombs

    No one has noticed this ? Ok this is just a cheap way to bump the thread.
  7. Trackir 5

    Thanks to all for the fast replies, i am now informed.
  8. I have a Brit. pilot flying the F.E.2b. This ac will carry bombs. I've noticed something strange when selection a bomb load out of (2) 65 and (8)25 bombs. An under view in flight shows all bombs attached to the ac. The 65s to the center line and 4- 25s under each lower wing. When i rotate through select next weapon, only the 25s show. no sign of the 65s in the rotation. When i drop the 25s they all drop, 2 on each click. Then it shows i have no ordnance left, ie the 65s dont even register as being aboard. The same thing happens with a loadout of 25s,65s and one signal flare. The flare shows in rotation and drops but no 65s. Looks like OFF is not reconizing these bombs. Has anyone else enounterd this ?
  9. Trackir 5

    Thanks for the replies guys. So if i understand correctly from what uncleal said if my Canadian dealer only has Trackir4 i can buy it and dl the 5 software and i'm good to go. If so that is good news.
  10. It would seem quite a few of you vets use this device when flying OFF. I have been considering one for some time now but never got around to really looking into it. Was at the home site yesterday and viewed what they had to offer + the demo. I must say 5 looks interesting and i'm on the edge of ordering one. There is one dealer in Canada. I went to their website and they only list version 4, not a word about 5. So i think i'll give them a call on Monday. Also i noticed in the demo that the top of the monitor seemed to be very close to eye level of the guy doing the demo. I have a 24" flat screen (1920 x1200) and i usually adjust my chair so my eye level is in the center of the screen. Using a cap with the clip attached would mean it would be about 4-6 or so inches below the top of the monitor frame. I could raise the chair a bit would rather not. Will this affect how the system works ? Also i have no idea how much they migh want for a version 5 up here. The 4 is $129.99 Canadian plus $15 or so shipping. How much of a learning curve is there when first using this system in a game ? Any comment would be appreciated.
  11. One has to be a decicated collector to appreciate the feeling when a new treasure is found ! Just don't spill your tea on it now, lol.
  12. Thanks guys for the info. As for hitting anything in this ac the wire reference sounds like a good idea. Take a bit of the guess work out of it. I bow deeply to any rookie pilot who can stay alive over 17 hours in this thing. lol :)
  13. Football 0 Rugby 1

    If scoccer players had canvas covered wings and machine guns strapped to their heads it would be a much more exciting game imo. Thought i'd add a bit of OFF to the thread :).
  14. We had a mini discussion about this in another thread. I did a google search on the subject and founs and interesting site that list the German pilots that parachuted from their planes late in the war. Interesting to note that the Brits figured giving their pilots chutes would cause them to use the the chutes rather than try to save a valuable machince ??? Man what thinking, a machine worth more than a pilot ? http://www.ejection-...tes/1914_18.htm Anlther nice site is acepilots.com WWI info can be found by clicking famous aviators and also airplanes.

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