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  1. AH-64 Apache

    okay thanks...looking forward to it.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there is an AH-64 Apache available for strike fighters GEN 1 or WOE out there somewhere. I could only find the one for GEN 2 and it dont work on my install. Afghan is incomplete without an apache. Thanks.
  3. I created a static aircraft but its sunk in the ground. How can I raise it out of the ground? Its not in single mission mode. WOE sep 08 patch
  4. Attacked by own force

    Im using WWII carriers and US navy WWII aircraft, In the terrain targets I added a few US navy convoys nearby my CVN Station and Im not getting attacked anymore. weird!!!! I'll work on the airfields next....thanks
  5. Hello, I have a question that Im completely clueless on. Ive put a bunch of planes and campaigns and objects on my WOE 08 patch install. Everything works perfect except im getting attacked on friendly airfields and by friendly ships. I have to replace all AAA on the airfields with something else so I wont get attacked. I have no Idea where to start to try to fix this.
  6. WWII weapons

    Just FYI, it worked exactly as you said, Thanks...
  7. I cant seem to figure out how to get the torpedos to work, I did a new install of WOE and patched it up to the 06 level, plugged in the B6N1 Jill and it worked fine. But as soon as I go adding terrain and planes and a campaign it crashes all over the place. Is there a way to get the torpedos to work on a WWII style install with the 08 patch? Frustrated but determined...Thanks.
  8. It worked!! I installed to an external drive, all carriers work. Thanks alot
  9. I apologize, I probably didnt explain correctly, I added the OTCigar campaign and the carriers are blurry and the plane wont stay atop the deck, it falls thru the deck inside the ship and explodes either on start of mission or during a landing. I tried adding carriers seperately to fix the problem, the blurriness went away but the jets still keep doing the same thing. During start of mission the jets are not on the catapult they just kind of jump up a couple of times and fall right through the inside of the carrier and explode. Everything else is fine with the campaign, the airfields,the targets,weapons, jets all good in working order. Maybe a bug, not sure.
  10. If anyone can help me that'd be cool, I seem to be having a problem with the planes landing on carriers, when i try to land on the carrier the jet slows, drops beneath the deck and tumbles and explodes. I tried to look for help by reading but couldnt find anything on it. Its WOE with the 08 patch. Thanks
  11. SBD Dauntless

    Thank You...I got it
  12. I cant find the SBD Dauntless or SBC2 Helldiver, where can I find these Planes?

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