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  1. No problem at all-just that I asked the same question, and thought this might save you time! Once you get permissions to download, its very easy and Capun is really helpful.
  2. Peeppu, You need to read this thread, http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26873 particularly the second page. People are prohibited from sending these files to each other by the agreement they sign up to. This is perfectly fair, as we are benefitting from someone else's hard work. Assuming you get accepted for permissions to download, there are plenty of A-Team models there, including those you are looking for. Vickers303
  3. Der Rote Baron movie?

    Yeah, DR1 City, no less-but the Nieuports were good. They filmed a lot of it at RAF Halton, just up the road from here-the main building was the Officer's Mess there.
  4. Newbie help-FE.2b

    Thanks, Tailspin. Its all there in B&W!
  5. Newbie help-FE.2b

    If you unpack one of Capun's models using WINRAR, there will be a set of instructions for installation. Included on there is an email address to send to so you can access the site. You will need to give certain details and agree to conditions (all perfectly reasonable). The site owner will then consider the request. Hope that helps.
  6. Newbie help-FE.2b

    Thanks, Capun All sorted now. Great modder, great guy-what more can I say?
  7. Anyone up for new menu screens?

    I'll second that! Great stuff.
  8. Newbie help-FE.2b

    Sorry, Capun-I haven't installed any yet so haven't seen this. Didn't realise that files were being updated and so were (temporarily?) unavailable. I'm sure GuitarClassic just missed the note on the installation file. I was keen to get the FE2b as it was the last jigsaw piece to get the campaign running! Us "Newbies" are still finding our way around here, I think.
  9. red baron movie

    Lookin' good! A few steps on from Aces High (from years back), but good for its time. Most of it filmed 2 miles from here!
  10. Newbie help-FE.2b

    Thanks, Tailspin Looks so, and files are password protected too. I can understand that after someone put lots of hard work into building the mods and add ons. Just so wierd that some aircraft are still "out there" and a couple have just "vanished".
  11. Newbie help-FE.2b

    I did something strange with the Quote facility there! Should have previewed! On the FE2b, that would be excellent- thanks. Looking to "get off the ground" on the campaign. I've been struggling along with Red Baron 2 up to now, and looking for some variation- altho RB2 is still a classic! The Junkers seems to have gone the same place as the FE2b, I found a link, but no file found on the site. Wierd. Maybe someone out there has the zip/rar for this?
  12. Newbie help-FE.2b

    Now, that was the all metal monoplane if I'm thinking of the right one. Don't think it shows in the main download section, but I'm sure it's shown up on "random" at the lower part of the screen. I'll have another look and see if it shows again.
  13. Newbie help-FE.2b

    This is an amazing community. So many talented modders out there. *Only just* come to FE and am looking at a dual install (one EP and one not). I was looking to run the Bloody April campaign, and have downloaded all the extras needed (very many thanks all those involved in making) apart from the Farman FE.2b which seems to have gone AWOL from the Combat Ace downloads, and no links seem to work from the forum to get this elusive beast! Can anyone help? I don't think the campaign will play without this add on. Many thanks in advance. Vickers303

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