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  1. Mig-21 LanceR A & C

  2. That's what I thought... I guess it all adds to the immersion factor :) Pretty satisfying finding your target in Hard settings, anyway. Thanks for the answer!
  3. On hard settings, how do you know the altitude of the current waypoint? I can't see anything on the Kfir's cockpit... Many thanks!
  4. Very nice! The default main menu screen is definitely a let-down. Specially considering how nice the old from WOE was... Good to have a proper alternative, now. Thanks!
  5. L-39ZO hungarian skin

    Wow. Thanks a lot!
  6. Changed the .ini file and it all works fine now! Thanks guys for the suggestions :) Love the normal maps, btw. It's good to see those bumpy metal plates between the panel lines. Top job!
  7. Simply amazing work! It has to be the best user-made aircraft for the SF2 series. And it's so refreshing to see a trainer, even more considering it's not your usual NATO hardware... Just one small thing: On the "C" version (L-39C) I can't hear the engine sounds. All works fine on versions ZA, ZO. Is it just me? Thanks a lot for this fantastic plane!
  8. Mig-21 LanceR A & C

    Fantastic stuff. Love the new skins! Thanks a lot for this update :)

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